NDC energizes TEIN to prepare for 2020

The Tertiary Educational Institutions Network (TEIN), a students’ wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has been charged by three Members of Parliament (MPs) of the party not to be intimidated as they prepare for the 2020 general elections.

The MPs gave the advice during a reorganization meeting of the Ajumako Chapter of the University of Education Winneba (UEW) at Ajumako in the Central Region last Saturday.

The three parliamentarians are Hon Alhassan Umar, MP for Zabzugu; Hon Mutawakilu Adams, MP for Damongo, and Hon Abdul-Aziz Mohammed.
Other members of the NDC party that graced the reorganization meeting were Koku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary; Kweku Boahene, Deputy National Communication Officer; Brenya Grimfi, Ashanti Regional Youth Organiser and a host of other NDC leaders from the Central Region.

Addressing the students, Hon Alhassan Umar, MP for Zabzugu, said, the NDC party remained the greatest social democratic party which has development of the country at heart and charged the students to work hard to return the party to power.

He said, the next NDC government would introduce policies to enhance the youth aspiration, pointing out that the NPP government is covertly recruiting youth into the teaching field at the disadvantage of qualified trained teachers.

The Zabzugu lawmaker however charged the student members of the party not to allow themselves to be intimidated or harassed by their colleagues on the elephant side, but do more and proper research to be able to stand should-to-shoulder with debate on the achievement of the NDC.

On his part, Hon Abdul-Aziz Mohammed asked the TEIN members of the NDC to forgo all blame game on why the party lost the 2016 general elections, because, “there is no need of crying over spilt- milk.”

He said, what was most paramount for the party toward its reorganization process for the 2020 is, “to remain united, reconcile each other and understand that we are in the same family for a single purpose, to return to power.”

The Mion MP noted that, the minority caucus in parliament would continue to check the government and hold the Akufo-Addo-led NPP government responsible, and reminded the TEIN members the need for them to take full part in the reorganization process while in school and during vacation at home.

Hon. Abdul-Aziz also advised the TEIN members not to be intimidated by the NPP, stating NPP members have one head like any one of them and, therefore, should not allow NPP to intimidate them during the reorganization process and in their attempt to get more people join the party.

Taking his turn to address the TEIN members of Ajumako Chapter, Hon. Mutawakilu Adams said what the then opposition NPP used to chastise the NDC government of, especially on corruption, has now been institutionalized and corruption is no more a crime but a business.

He said, since the assumption of office, there was no week passed without corruption scandal reaching the Ghanaian public either from the Flagstaff House or involving government appointees.

Citing several corruption allegations to buttress his point, Hon Adams told the charged TEIN members that, it was only the first time in Ghana history that a $2.25bililon bond was issued without parliamentary approval.

He said, not only that it was not approved by parliament but was also done undercover to favor cronies and business allies of the Akufo-Addo and his family business partner.

In addition to that, the Damongo MP said, unlike the NDC era where corrupt allegations were being investigated, corruption scandals, even with audio evidence under NPP, are being covered up without any form of investigation, stating, “for them (NPP) corruption is now a normal business, it is no more a crime.”

According to Hon. Adams, the NPP government has failed on many fronts, especially in the fight against corruption, since it assumed office on January 7.

He therefore urged the TEIN members to start mobilizing their membership base for the NDC to return to governance, saying, “You have nothing to fear when you are on the path of truth. Eschew violence and hate speeches. All you have to do is to propagate the policies and programmes of the NDC. Tell the voters why you believe that your party (NDC) or parliamentary candidates are better suited than the candidates of the NPP who are deceiving the voters.”

Hon. Adams further advised the TEIN members to take up their campaign to their various constituencies back at home and not only on campus, noting that the 2020 general election is a crucial one and they should not leave any chance to disseminate information of the party both on campus and at home.

On his part, Koku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary of NDC said, the Akufo-Addo-led NPP is taking Ghana back with its nepotism style of governance and poor management of the economy.

He said, while cocoa farmers and other food farmers are crying for fertilizer and chemicals for their crops, the government is busily appointing family members on various boards and other institutions only to dissipate the public purse.

He charged the TEIN members to remain forceful and never to allow the NPP to lead the country by ensuring that they register onto the party membership at the branch level so they could cast votes for constituency and regional executives of the party.

According to him, the NDC has scheduled early next year to kick-start elections of executives starting with branch, constituency, region and to the national level, stating that, after those executives are put in place, the party would again open nomination for both the parliamentary and presidential candidates elections.

He charged the TEIN members to continue with membership drive and ensure that they get involved lectures on their campuses which are sympathetic to the party.

He assured the TEIN members that, the party would not neglect them should the party win the 2020 general elections, pointing out that, the intimidation and harassment by the NPP government would not stop the NDC from winning the next general elections.

Sumani Mutari, the president of TEIN Ajumako Chapter, said the NPP government is messing up the economy and needed to be booted out at the 2020 general polls.

He revealed that, the Ajumako Chapter of TEIN has over 1,700 members, but vowed to increase their number with pragmatic messages to woo more members onto their side.

He further assured that, the TEIN Ajumako chapter would also join the Central Regional executives of the party on every activity to ensure the NDC regains most of the parliamentary seats the party lost to the NPP at the 2016 elections.



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Felix Engsalige Nyaaba, Ajumako/CR

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