NDC Delegate Conference: Baba Jamal Chased Out

The former Member of Parliament(MP) for Akwatia Constituency in the Eastern Region, Hon. Baba Jamal was prevented from voting as a government appointee at the just ended NDC delegate conference in the East Ayawaso Constituency in the Greater Accra Region.
According to the Youth in the area, though Baba Jamal is an NDC, they do not need him as a member of constituency.
Baba Jamal was prevented in the morning by the constituency from entering, to cast his vote. This, he did not understand, so he went in for the Greater Accra Regional Police Command, led by Director of Operations, ACP Kwesi Ofori with his men but they were overpowered by the huge number of the youth.
The youth insisted that Baba Jamal would not enter to vote in the Nima Cluster of Schools, near the Nima Police Station where the voting went on.
All effort to convince the youth and Election Committee to allow Baba Jamal to cast his vote were on death-ears. It was noted that when Baba Jamal was allowed to vote, he will gain the notoriety to say to insist that he should be allowed to contest as PC in the East Ayawaso Constituency.
Baba Jamal, after losing his seat at Akwatia Constituency in Eastern Region to an NPP ‘illiterate’, the Youth in Nima said he quickly zoomed down to fight for rather seat owned by born and bred people of East Ayawaso.
The angry Youth lamented that Baba Jamal does not respect them because he thought they are illiterates that was why after losing the seat to an NPP lady, Mercy Adu Gyamfi, aka Ama Sey he quickly moving down to contest for existing ‘cool’ NDC seat in East Ayawaso, where well qualified indigenes are already ‘fighting’ themselves to represent their own seat.
Information GhanaNewsOnline.com.gh gathered indicates that Baba Jamal bought a house in Nima to enable him qualify to vote and be voted for, or hold any position in the constituency.
For the intervention of Ambassador Horace Ankrah, who supervised the elections, the presence of Baba Jamal would have mad the peaceful delegate conference for the first time in the history East Ayawaso Constituency.
Earlier in the week, the youth massed up at the NDC Greater Accra Regional Office to inform Regional Executives to warn Baba Jamal to desist from interfering in the affairs of East Ayawaso else they would be forced to act negatively.

Source: the republic news online.com/Delali A. Awuyeh


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