Nana urged to fight land guards like galamsey operators.

The Concerned Citizens of Ghana (CCG) have appealed to President Nana Akufo-Addo to vigorously fight land guards activities , just as he is fighting and waging war against galamsey operators across the country.

The CCG further appealed to the President to form a special taskforce of the Police and the Military, to crack down on land guards before they become uncontrollable in the country.

The CCG stated these at a press conference in Accra yesterday.

They noted that land guards activities include killing of human beings, and stealing of land belonging to others, especially those who live outside the country.

The CCG also said other land guards activities are rape and butchering people severely with cutlasses and machetes among other atrocities.

They further averred that it is important to flush them out because they possess many guns and ammunition more than even the police or security agencies in the general.

The CCG noted that armed robbers who are released from prison usually turn themselves into land guards, so they advised the prison officers to be tough on the criminals whenever they are jailed.

The CCG stressed that those who live outside the country do not have hope in the county’s land administration because of how lands that they genuinely bought get lost to land guards.

CCG emphasized that foreign investors do not want to come, despite several calls on them by government to come and do business in this country to employ more jobless people in the system.

What is even more dangerous, according to CCG, is that land guards even kill our revered chiefs in some traditional areas.

The CCG, therefore, appealed to the President Akufo-Addo to wake up and support the Greater Accra Regional Police, who have just declare war against land guards, to totally dedal with all land guards in the system.

They averred that politicians can continue to campaign folr investors to come into the country to invest, but the investors are not coming because of insecurity threats of land guards and their activities in the country.

The CCG therefore threw a challenge to the government and  Parliament in particular to come out with a law to ban land guards activities, stressing that, “if that is done all of us will see whether land guards activities will stop and whether investors will not come or not, if the menace is banned by law.”

They noted that the police have started the fight but they need government’s full support to succeed in the fight against land guards.

The CCG further opined that all the armed robbers who come back from jail turn themselves into land guards , calling on the prison offers in charge of such hardened criminals to be very strict on them to be disciplined before they come back from prison.

The CCG identified `areas where land guards activities are common as, Kasoa, Ngleshie Amanfro, and Amasaman. Kokrobite, Oshyie, Bortianor, langba , Pokuase, Domeabra, Dorwenya areas, East Legon, Adenta areas, Gomoa Fetteh, , Kwabenya, Ashaladja, Dankyira, Ablekuma, Sowutwom,Weija, Agape, and many other places across the country .

They noted that the land guards have group names such as Neto, UN Boys, Serial War, among many other names that the police have to check and stop them.

The CCG land guards usually work as contractors who are chartered to many places to cause mayhem mostly in Greater Accra Region and parts of Central Region among other places.

The CCG also appealed to the President to support the security agencies to arrest all land guards and armed robbers and retrieve all guns and ammunition from them for the nation to get peace.

They also called on journalists to support the government the same way they supported the President in his fight against galamsey operators.

The CCG further said since journalists and the police know all the land guards, they should be able to point them out for the security agencies in general or a taskforce to arrest them for prosecution, stressing that the police and the media should not go to the land guards and take money to shield the criminals.

CCG finally stated that when the police and the media succeed in flushing out land guards out from the system and the nation gets peace, they will be praised and given a big “Ayeeko.”



Source: Okae

The Republic News Online

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