NADMO schools Marwako staff on cholera prevention

In a bid to ensure cholera is prevented within the La Municipality, the Disease and Pest Department of the La National Disaster Management Organisation, NADMO, has organized education for the staff of the Marwako Foods on cholera prevention.

The education was to help the staff of the Marwako Foods to have more knowledge on cholera and practice personal hygiene both at their homes and at work places where they always offer food services to the general public.

One of the NADMO officials, Joshua Azu, reiterated that ‘vibrio cholerae’ is a serious bacterium that causes severe cholera, and usually found in food or water that are contaminated with feces carried by flies, and other means of human activities include dirty environment or places of convenience, etc.

He also informed them that improper hand-washing after visiting the gents/ladies could result in a cholera outbreak.

Mrs. Patience Badu, with the La General Hospital, stressed that not every infected person suffering from frequent watery stool (diarrhea) also vomits simultaneously; therefore, any sign continuous watery stool, the person should report to a near-by clinic or hospital for prompt attention.

Aside from symptoms, like the diarrhea and vomiting, it was indicated that many infected people may have minimal or no symptoms and these people could still contribute to the spreading of the infection; hence, it is ideal to seek of medical checkups intermittently.

She advised that a first-Aid of ORS or coconut juice could also be given to sustain the cholera infected person before seeking medical care for proper medication.

Mrs. Badu further explained that severe diarrhea results in dehydration (ie. run out of water in the body) and makes the infected person appear very weak; and it demands that the person is given drips for resuscitation.

The participants were urged to take personal hygiene seriously, especially food vendors out there, and sellers of anything liquid, for immediate consumption.

The participants were also implored to drum same with their families and friends so as to help fight cholera.

Mrs. Badu further charged that they continuously use vinegar or salt solution to purify all vegetables they intend using to prepare foods or eating raw; they are further urged to maintain and keep their finger nails clean all the time to enable them prevent cholera and other forms of harmful bacteria.




Source: Delali A. Awuyeh

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