Mutala Jabs Nana

…Says ‘A visionary president doesn’t talk anyhow’

Former Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Mutala Mohammed, has bemoaned that a visionary President does not wake up to make a statement without the facts on the issue because he wants to please people.

Speaking on ‘Good Morning Ghana’, a TV talk-show last Friday in Accra, Mutala said “a serious government, government with vision will not just wake up to make a statement; before you can make a policy statement there should be a document that supports that policy statement.”

The former Deputy Trade Minister argued following an emphasis President Akufo-Addo made that the ‘One village, One dam’ programme has started in the Northern Region, as an answer to a question posed to him during selected media encounter at the Flagstaff House in Accra.

However, according to Mutala, there was nothing like that going on in that part of the country, even now.

He added that “….you do not wake up one day and say I want 1 village, 1 dam, then is there, or 1 district, 1 factory then it appears, free SHS then you have the free SHS there, it does not work like that.”

He hinted that Nana Addo told the media encounter that the ‘One village, One dam’ project was on-going in the north, while the national coordinator in charge of the project, Mrs. Gifty Ohene Konadu, had earlier held a press conference to inform Ghanaians and the world that the project would start last June.

Hon. Mutala alleged Mrs. Ohene Konadu informed the media the money and every process for the project  were ready for it to take off in the month of June, but this turned out to be ‘false.’

He stressed the Nana Addo-led ruling NPP has no policy document for their touted programme, of the ‘One village, One dam,’ ‘One district, One factory’ or the free SHS for the people of Ghana to see.

The former Deputy Trade Minister said not only the NPP government does not have  money as they want Ghanaians to believe, but they do not also have a policy document to aid them carry out with all their projects, yet, the government was busily ‘deceiving’ people.

Also, he noted Dr. Akoto Osei, Minister in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation, came out to say the projects might start in 2018.

Mutala further challenged the NPP government to be serious for once, and provide policy document to cover their ‘touted imaginative’ projects – 1 village, 1 dam; 1 district, 1 factory and free SHS.

He explained that a serious government/leader must have a policy document for its vision so as to guide him to tell when to deliver his vision, such as the aforementioned programmes.

He further quizzed, “how many factories are metropolitan, municipal and districts supposed to come to each assembly; what size and kind of factory is going to be sited in which assembly/district and to produce what, Ghanaians demand to know.”

In all this, according to Mutala Mohammed, “it is an issue of un-coordinated, visionless policy the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led NPP government has.”

As former Deputy Trade Minister, he said the ministry must have an input in the policy of 1 district, 1 factory among other things so they could showcase, short of that the whole thing would be useless.

By this, a lot would be on the website of the Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) for any interested investors to access to inform their decision-making towards the project – 1 district, 1 factory.



Source: Delali A. Awuyeh


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