Krachi West MP vows to Transform Constituency

Member of Parliament (MP) for Krachi West Constituency in the Volta Region, Mrs Helen Adjoa NTOSO, has restated her commitment towards ensuring that education in the constituency attained the desired standard.

According to her, Krachi West is one of the deprived area in the country and that education is the only tool to unlock the development potentials of the constituency which is predominantly farming and fishing agriculture.

The Krachi West which has its district capital Kete-Krachi shares boundary with Sene West District to the West, Krachi Nchumuru District to the North, Krachi East District to the east and to the south with the Volta Lake.

The constituency is blessed with rich soil, the Island host not less than 200 cluster of communities making it a peninsular of the Volta lake. The people are predominately farmers, but selectively crops, fishing and animals producers, while the Islands have their place in history too, as an integral part of the voyage by the Volta Lake to save many.
Behind the beauty of Kete-Krachi peninsular lies poverty and neglect which should have been one of the best diving spots in the world and a tourist paradise.

Due to the geographical displaced communities with high poverty rate and the difficulties in accessing road transportation, the Islands do not have quality education. Less than 10 percent of the government’s budget goes toward education.

Almost all communities on the Island lack one thing or the other to improve the standard of education. Circuit education supervisors feels reluctant in the discharge of their duties due to distance and the lack of means.

The constituency which has its largest portion of landmark as Islands may not be the most significant economic resources in the country, however it has some characteristics that it could takes pride in.

This, Mrs Ntoso toldTHE REPUBLIC were many of the challenges facing the constituency, especially in the education and other sectors which she noted remained her priority.

She said, what the present society owes upcoming generation is qualitative education, for even at the smallest unit of the society, the family, education is the greatest asset any parent could give to his children.

For which reason the former Volta Regional Minister assured to provide some assistance to improve education in the communities in the coming years so to break the cycle of poverty in the Kete-Krachi peninsular.

Already, she said, she has donated some items to the District Education Directorate which includes 3 Motor-bikes, 40packs of Roofing Sheet, 200bags of Cement, A4 Sheets, 6 Tonner’s, A Desktop Computer and a Refrigerator.

Present at the Occasion were DCE for Krachi West Mr. Douglas Nti, Formal DCE Krachi West Mr. Moses Ponye, District Education Director and Headmaster’s of various schools among others.

The three motorbikes are meant for the circuit supervisors, while effort been made to reopen the West Africa Examination Council(WAEC) centres which was closed down for some reasons.

In addition, she is taking measures to supply most deprived schools and communities residents with Solar lamps, as most of the residents are not connected to the national grid that would reduce the level of insecurity.

Sounding very passionate about development of the area, the MP noted that she is also putting up some pavilions for market women and traders to augment the few existing markets in the District including the commercially viable markets at Kete-Krachi, Ehiamankyene, Bommoden and Ntewusae which all served as the main revenue generating sources for the District assembly.

The aim she said is to improve standard of education and uplift the development fortunes of the people, nothing that, education remained a truism that any society that wants to develop or advance must invest in the education of its people.

Mrs Ntoso who is a member of the Defence and Interior Committee of parliament bemoaned the poor quality of education in the area, especially at the basic level, stating, “it is my vision as the people representation in parliament to lead the way forward.”
She underlined the effort and measures been taken by her office as MP to boost basic and secondary education in the hope and belief that education and other social interventions were key to the advancement of Krachi West.

“I am committed to give education its deserved priority in my constituency. I engaged in several policies aimed at transforming education to the desired standard. Posterity will judge me as leader if I fail to transform education to greater heights in Krachi West, ” she said.

Mrs Ntoso said it was germane for all, whether individual, group or government to pay more attention to education development in deprived communities, stressing that, “the resources allocated to us (MP’s) through the various funds are not enough.”

She expressed the view that, if possible government should reconsider the distribution of the MPs common funds. The reason, she said borne on the fact that, MPs from far distance and deprived constituencies should be receiving much higher funds than those in the cities, especially the developed Metropolitan and Municipalities.

In her considered opinion, it was time more developmental resources are channel to deprived constituencies if Ghana is meant on catching up in development with the rest of the world under the 21st century.

She further stated that, she would not rest on her oars until there is some significant changes in the lives of his people.

Beside education and economic activities, Krachi West also has a number of site attractions that make it a haven for tourists.The untapped tourism potentials is capable of accelerating the development.

The water transport system, the dotted islands and the serene and quite environment is perfect for relaxation. There are beautiful sceneries along the lake that can attract tourists. A cruise on the lake ranging from short to long periods could offer good holiday vacations to tourists. The provision of ferry crafts and decent hotels around the lake to accommodate tourists would be key to boost tourism.

Again, the Islands if well developed could become a hideout for the tired brain and the weary soul. It could also be a perfect place for recollection, reflection and meditation.

For that, Mrs Ntoso expressed her readiness to seek for investors, while making herself ready to put some motels to get closer to her constituent and also enjoy the breezes from the lake at night.

The Islands she added are also suitable for vegetable farming and other agric-business, which she said government must take advantage to bring investors to help reduce unemployment among the youth.

While charging both Teachers and Parents to help raise the standard of Education in the area since the standard of education has falling in the District, Mrs Ntoso also called on the constituent to remained peaceful to each other but hopeful.

She reaffirmed her commitment to champion the developmental needs of the constituent and called for continue support and prayers. Engsalige Nyaaba

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