MP Seeks Investors For Water

……..As Ho Agonizes Over Inadequate Supply

The issue of inadequate supply of clean and potable water to the residents of the Volta Regional capital, Ho, continues to be a worrisome development to the people in recent times.

Despite heavy downpours in consecutive times this year, residents of the Ho Municipality and its adjoining communities have been groaning due to lack of potable water.

Hon. Benjamin Kpodo, Member of Parliament (MP) for Ho Central Constituency, in an interview with The Republic, lamented that, residents travel several kilometers to fetch water.

According to him, residents living near his residence troop to his house to fetch water from a poly-tank provided outside the fence of his house.

The traditional wells that people depend on for years have since dried up, while the few residents who could afford boreholes are those who could rescue people around them who throng those places to fetch water that has become the most sought after in the regional capital.

The water supply system to the Ho township at Kpeve in the South Dayi District is badly damaged and is under repair.

The situation could only serve an insignificant portion of the populace and even when the water comes, it flows for just two hours and stops.

Residents could live for a week without water from their taps and have to roam to some streams in search of water.

The ensuing consequences of the foregoing development are, among others, crippling business activities that require adequate water supply, groans from angry and frustrated residents whose endless search for water continues in futility.

The Ho Central MP, who spoke very passionately about the situation, told this paper, besides appealing to government through the Ghana Water Company for intervention, effort was being made to reach out to investors to bring mechanised boreholes for the mean time.

Many restaurants operating in the municipality, which are considered as business hubs of the regional capital suffer greater disadvantages.

One of the biggest challenges in the Ho Municipality is water supply. Many of  the residents and those who have business of restaurants, sell drinks, fish and other businesses that require daily supply of water are the worst affected and the MP said he is  so worried.

He told the paper that, anything less than a continuous supply of water is not an option, as water is an engine of development in every country.

Mr. Kpodo, who spoke extensively about his ambition to bring development closer to the people of Ho Central, said beside the water shortage, he has been able to also provide  basic infrastructure to some of the communities.

Notable among these are educational and health facilities, as well as helping the women and the youth into employable skills, more specifically with soft loans and entrepreneurial skills for jobs creation.

He said, one of the pillars of his vision is “to provide an open, transparent, responsible accountable and inspirational stewardship” which he added informs him of the decision to outline his activities and projects in the constituency.

Mr. Kpodo believed that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow and feels that strengthening the capacity of able and willing youth to actively engage in entrepreneurial and income generating activities shall prepare them for the future.

He revealed that, as the MP, he has sponsored some youth, especially students from the constituency to undergo further education at both the junior and senior high schools, as well as at the tertiary level.

This year Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), the MP said, he is providing 2,589 writing materials to the pupils who would be participating in the exams, sponsored mock examinations to all basic schools students, while effort was underway to release funds for scholarship to those needy but brilliant students to SHS and tertiary institutions.

Upgrading healthcare facilities in the area has engaged the attention of the MP and many of the health facilities have been given the needed materials to undertake major renovation works. The aim of this is to make them conducive for patient visits. The healthcare facilities in the area also received assistance from the MP to enhance their infrastructure needs.

Some of the physical projects Mr. Kpodo  undertook as MP for the area are two-storey classroom block, a computer centre, some health posts, lorry stations  in most of the  communities in the constituency including Lome, Tokotoe, Moife, Hodzo Ziavi, while an ultramodern market funded by French Development Agency also undergoing construction.

He reiterated his commitment to the youth development, especially education, stressing that, ‘’education is the foundation to the development of the youth in becoming successful nation buildings’’ and he would devote the needed resources to enhance education in the constituency.

This, he added, would help to rekindle their desire for higher academic pursuit in order to move on and to be able to successfully join the working force of the nation.

The MP however expressed the interest of going all out to get investors to invest in the huge investment potentials in Ho, especially in agriculture and trade and commerce.


Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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