MP Rescues Constituents

…As He Takes Drinking Water To Chiana/Paga

Lawyer Rudolf Nsowine Amenga-Etigo, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Chiana/Paga, has provided drilled boreholes to communities and some basic schools within his constituency to end the problem in accessing potable water in the area.

The repairing of old boreholes and drilling of new ones, according to the MP, would end years of struggle in getting potable drinking water  for the over 300 communities in the constituency.

Hon. Amenga-etigo, who is also Minority Deputy Ranking Member on Works and Housing Committee of Parliament, disclosed this while interacting with The Republic in parliament yesterday.

The decision to drill and repair existing boreholes, with his personal resources, he said was borne out of a promise to the people during the 2016 electioneering campaign to reduce the struggle for safe drinking water among the constituents.

Drinking clean water, he said, would help reduce the risk of contacting water-related diseases, and thus, drinking from contaminated water, while domestic animals water consumption  also remain a major problem.

In addition, Lawyer Amenga-Etigo is providing his constituents with Community Meeting Centres (CMC), commonly called “Youth  Parliament,” to serve as a convenient place  for meetings and other social gatherings.

Some of the communities and educational institutions have been without clean drinking water for years and where there was, the boreholes have broken down, rendering residents helpless.

The situation is even worse in the dry season where residents and students from the basic schools have had to comb around wells and streams in search of water for both drinking and animal use.

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has over the years been unable to supply sufficient quantities of water to the residents and those in areas not connected to the community water system had to also walk an hour’s distance to the nearest neighbourhood where they can get water to buy.

A bucket of water in such communities sells between Gp20 and Gp50, while those who can afford also buy treated sachet water for drinking.

Among the communities and schools benefiting from the drilled boreholes are Asunia, Nyangnia, Kalvio-Guguru, Kalvio-Agbenia, Yidania, Gbenia, Sakaa, Kuliya, Navio, Kazugu, Tazika, Kumbusingo, Wolingum, Kurugu, Akamo and St. Morin Basic School.

Other communities where visibility study has concluded, pending the borehole-drilling project to start, include Zenga-Paga, Nabango, Nyagnia, Nakolo, Boania-Paga, Azeaduma, Kayoro, Nakong, Katiu and Mirigu-Kasalingo.

The lawmaker told The Republic, his primary motivation for sinking the boreholes for the people is to boost good health and sanitation in the constituency, especially, in communities where water was very scarce.

“This is to ensure that my people, especially, the children are clean, they have good drinking water and are saved from contaminated water-borne diseases and Cholera epidemic. School children who leave class hours in search of water for their parents would also be saved and it would increase teaching and learning,” he stated.

“Children are my priority, their education, their health and their livelihood. I believe the water facilities are going to help the schools and the entire communities because they wouldn’t have to buy water anymore,” said Lawyer Amenga-Etigo.

He said more of the communities and institutions were also in the pipeline to benefit from the borehole initiative, noting that, it would be useful for those who could do irrigation farming in their communities.

The MP stated that, water is life and he would continue to assist the constituents to access potable water, while looking for other resources to bring development closer to reduce poverty.

He said, he is also determined to support the youth to unlock their talents and skills at all sectors, stressing that the ongoing construction of the community meeting centres, called “Youth Parliament,” is to bring the youth together to deliberate and debate on issues of concern to the communities so as to factor them into the development process of the constituency.

For the beginning, Lawyer Amenga-etigo said he is constructing about 10 of such centres at Nakolo, Busongo, Kalvio, Kayoro, Nindongo and Nabango communities, while plans were far advanced to extend it to other communities to whip up the youth to get involved in the development process.

He promised to give a listening ear to the constituents so he would be able to deliver as a parliamentarian and a development agent between them and the central government.



Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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