MP marks 10 years of UPSA ‘Royal Bobo Kingdom’

Alhaji Boniface Abubakar Sadiqque, Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina and Minister of Inner City and Zongo Development, has joined the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) to celebrate their 10 years of the ‘Royal Bobo Kingdom (TRBK)’ in Accra.

During the colorful celebration, Alhaji Boniface called for unity and understanding among the students’ body on campus in all their dealings with the authorities that would yield them profit.

He pledged to offer the Royal Bobo Kingdom his unflinching support in whatever ways within his means to ensure the kingdom grows from strength to strength, as he donated an undisclosed amount of money to the kingdom.

The Minister of Inner City and Zongo Development urged the students’ body to demand answers from ‘begging questions’ from people leading them or the authorities when they come to them.

Alhaji Boniface promised the event of hard work to ensure the over 300 Zongo communities across the country are transformed according to the vision of the government.

On his part, Mr. Clement Aboagye Okoampah, the out-gone King Bobo XVI, aka Bobo fire, reiterated the need to give students more voice, especially in this democratic dispensation; hence, his wish that the correlation between the students and the school authorities be strengthened.

He informed the gathering that the Bobo Kingdom played a pivotal role in facilitating the return of student representation on campus, and this resulted in the election of the first SRC held in 2008 after several years under a ban.

To this end, the out-gone King Bobo the XVI also appealed to the authorities of the UPSA and the students’ body to herald the traditional rulership on campus and to make it one of the strong forces to reckon with.

Mr. Okoampah explained that the name ‘BOBO’ was coined from a local lantern known as “Bobo,” which provides light in darkness; by this, the kingdom sought to brighten the UPSA, by way of providing the kingdom protection – the welfare of students.

As the first the ruler of the Kingdom, whose stool name was King Bobo XVI, he said, “I couldn’t have ruled without the contributions of comrades like Mr. Frederick Ofoe Aka Flo; Kofi the First Chief linguist; Marriot Laryea; Mr. Isaac Addison aka Poti; Abubakar Siddick aka Gaza; Mr. Peter Sackey, who later succeeded me; Mr. Thomas Obeng Anom aka Borbor; Mr. Joseph Allotey (King Bobo XIV)”.

Others he acknowledged were Comrade Nii Ayitey Vanny; Mr. Joseph Aryee Bonda; first chief priest; James Mantse Okai; Gideon Sackey Aka Yoghurt; Mr. Samuel Mensah (king Bobo XIII); Mr. Alexander Quarshie (Osono III), who defied all odds to make the Bobo Kingdom dream a reality; Mr. Frederick Agbenyo and Dr. Samuel Bachison Offei, former lecturer was the first patron, who played key roles in the formation of the kingdom amongst others.




Source: Delali A. Awuyeh

The Republic News Online

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