MP for Central Tongu grill Minister over Rural electrification

Hon Alexander Hottordzi, MP

Members of Parliament (MP) for Central Tongu in the Volta Region, Hon Alexander Gabby Hottordzi on Thursday March 22, grilled Mr William Owuraku Aidoo , a Deputy Minister for Energy, on the extension of power from the national electricity grid to some communities in the constituency.

The Central Tongu MP wanted to know why the following communities: Kpevenu-Tsati, Akpakope, Kukudor, Dzendukope, Mankukope, Adiekpe-Korfedeke, Mafi-Kpogede, Ayidzoekope, Samkope, Tagbadzae, Norviwode, Bekpo/Agorvodza, Bakpa-Kpogede, Agorkpoe, Kpewu, Bakpa- Dokpo, Temfor and Tsame-Kpedzeglo, were still not connected to the national electricity grid.

In response to the question, the Deputy Minister for Energy said the above communities do not form part of any of the on-going projects currently being executed by the Ministry of Energy.

He however assured the MP and the good people of Central Tongu that the aforementioned communities have been noted and would be considered in future electrification projects to be carry out nationwide.

“Mr Speaker, the communities have been captured for consideration under our subsequent electrification projects when funding becomes available,” Mr Owuraku said in a follow up questions by the MP.

But Mr Hottordzi said though he was satisfied with the Deputy Minister’s answer that the communities mentioned would form part of next plans of the rural electrification projects, he wish government act speedily.

According to the MP power supply to the communities mentioned would go a long way to improve quality education as school children in those communities still struggle to use local lanterns to study, while their colleagues in other parts of the constituency enjoy electricity lights.

ECG workers in some communities

The Central Tongu lawmaker added that, currently, over 42 communities in the constituency have not been connected to the national electricity grid and that even those that have been connected under the previous government, the meters have also not been fixed.

“There is a huge deficit of electricity my constituency and I intend to continue on this issues and will have to visit the Minister office for further discussions, based on which I will know the next course of action to take,” Mr Hottordzi told THE REPUBLIC later in an interview.

In the meantime, he said, he would work hard to sources some funds to purchase solar lanterns for the communities, as an interim measure to supply light to the communities.

He however urged the constituent to remained patience but hopeful as he fronts for the extension of power supply to their communities to improve their standard of living, as electricity formed part of our developments.

Sources: Engsalige Nyaaba

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