MP charges accountants to uphold high ethical values


Mr. Benjamin Komla Kpodo, the Member of Parliament for Ho Central, has reminded accountants that it is their duty to assist in enhancing the national revenue mobilization effort through tax education, tax liability determination and collection.

According to him, recent developments and events have resulted in negative perceptions that tend to diminish their reputation with the public.

Hon. Kpodo was speaking at the annual General Meeting of the Institute of Chartered Accountants on the theme “Transformation of Ghana” at Ho the Volta Regional capital recently

The Ho Central legislator stated that, Parliament of Ghana had received reports from the Auditor-General annually and that hearings of the Public Accounts Committee reveal horrible activities engaged in by ‘accountants’ and some practising firms.

On the other hand, however, he said they need to interrogate the quality of audit work being done or supervised by their colleague chartered accountants, which often result in heated altercations between clients, some of whom are professional accountants, and the reporting auditor.

“Auditors are required to go the extra mile doing diligent assignments before coming out with reports,” he stated.

He tasked the ICA Ghana to come out with a statement to enlighten the general public on a recent claim by some individuals and published in the Daily Graphic of Saturday, May 27, 2017, that out of the Ghana’s estimated public debt of GHc127billion, GHc112billion was in the pockets and hands of some corrupt individuals.

This, he noted, would not only clear the air on the issue but bring to the fore how the accountants arrived at the claims.

Hon. Kpodo said accountants are expected to uphold high the ethical values of integrity, accountability, confidentiality and knowledge so as to eliminate the risk of losing the reputation of the profession.

He reminded accountants to also realize that as finance managers, it is their duty to manage the finances of their institutions in a way that will increase the wealth of those organizations, hence the need to imbibe ethical values in the profession.

The institutions and organizations that accountants work with expect them to provide top-notch financial management advice, as well as perform quality supervisory roles.

“We should further improve upon our communication capabilities as well as explain the accounting figures, principles and techniques and results to all stakeholders including management, government, shareholders, clients, potential investors and the general public,” he stated.



Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba


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