Moves To Frustrate Passage Of Tema Mayor-Nominee   

…But Akans have started a preemptive counter campaign

It has come to pass that after the long battle of nerves between the Flagstaff House and the Tema Traditional Council, over the nomination of a Mayor for Tema, the TTC is the one standing with its tail up.

The President finally bowed to pressure and nominated a Tema native as the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE).

However, the nomination of Felix Mensah Annang-La, a longstanding practitioner in the Maritime industry, is just one of two hurdles that have been scaled by the Tema Mantse, Dr. Nii Adjei Kraku ll, and his TTC.

For Mr. Mensah Annang-La to be able to assume office finally, the General Assembly of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly must confirm him with a vote.

Unfortunately, information is that some Akans in Tema, who are not happy that it is not one of their own that has been nominated by the President, are scheming to ensure that the Assembly rejects the President’s nominee at an upcoming confirmation vote.

Akans dominate Tema.

However, some Akyems in the Harbour city are said to be unhappy about alleged lobbying to get Felix Mensah Annang-La rejected by the TMA General Assembly and have therefore gone on the preemptive attack, starting a behind-the-scenes lobby campaign for the confirmation of Mr. Felix Mensah Annang-La by the Assembly.

Eric Kojo Twumasi, alias Worgor, a prominent Akyem Assembly member for Harbour Electoral Area in Tema, refuses to confirm or deny the alleged secret lobbying on behalf of Felix Mensah Annang-La, but expresses elation that the President has nominated him.

He tells The Republic that it is in fine order that the President nominated a Tema indigene for the mayoral job, concurring with the Tema Traditional Council’s sentiment that it is unfair that all major public agencies in Tema are headed by non-indigenes.

“We all know that even all the three MPs in Tema are non-natives and this is really not very fair. And so we can only say it is right that the President has at least nominated an indigene to be the Chief Executive of the metropolis,” he said.

He adds that the nomination is good for a longstanding cordial relationship between the chiefs and people of Tema and migrants who live in the metropolis, saying that since settling in Tema, the many non-natives have enjoyed great hospitality from the natives.

“Our businesses have flourished and we have had peace…some of us have intermarried,” he adds.

Mr. Twumasi refused to confirm or deny allegations that some Akans are unhappy about the nomination of Mr. Mensah Annang-La as MCE and are therefore scheming to get him rejected at a precondition vote by the General Assembly of the TMA.

Meanwhile, the Ga Adangme Moslem Council has welcomed the nomination of Felix Mensah Annang-La as MCE for Tema by the President.

Abdul Rahman Glover, an executive member of the council, expresses belief that Mr. Mensah Annang-La will bring his rich experience in the Maritime industry to bear on his duties as Mayor.



Source: Fiifi Samuels

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