Move To Block Nana’s MCE Nominee

– LANMA Confusion   

…As plaintiffs go for court injunction order

The Presiding Member for the La-Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly, Alhaji Ibrahim Faila, has led four other Assembly Members to file for an interlocutory injunction against the confirmation of President Akufo-Addo’s nominee for Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area.

Along with Abdul Aziz Yakubu, Abdul Rahman Rahim, Choro Adams Padoh and Braimah Blay, all Assembly Members, the PM is seeking the court to order Ms Jennifer Dede Afagbedzi to stop holding herself out as the MCE for the area, even as she is scheduled to be sworn in.

Ms Afagbedzi is first defendant in the suit with the La Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly as second defendant, while the Minister for Local Government and the Attorney General are second and third defendants respectively.

A writ of summons that was procured from the Circuit Court yesterday duly served notice that if the supposed MCE and other defendants do not appear in court, judgment will be given in their absence.

The court is scheduled to be moved on the 31st of July.

The whole issue centers on how Ms Afagbedzi and her supporters at the Municipal Assembly allegedly used thievish methods to smuggle a vote for her confirmation, after two genuine elections had led to her rejection.

In the alleged reprobate dealing that broke electoral laws, even the formal convention of having the PM preside over voting was vandalized, with him being forcibly disallowed from presiding over the vote.

The La Nkwantanang Municipal Assembly is made up of 13 Assembly members – 9 elected and 4 government appointees.

On the 6th of July, the PM, acting in accordance with law, summoned a Special Meeting for the 12th of July to the purpose of holding a vote to confirm Ms Afagbedzi, who has been nominated by President Akufo-Addo as MCE for La Nkwantanang.

As part of the meeting, the Electoral Commission was duly invited to conduct the election. Plaintiffs aver that the PM presided over the vote and Ms Afagbedzi managed to poll only 8 out of the 13 votes, which meant that she had been rejected.

Following from that, the meeting was adjourned indefinitely. But after that adjournment, some unknown people, without recourse to the PM, summoned another meeting to restage a vote.

Even though the PM had later gotten wind of the meeting and attended, he was not allowed to chair the meeting as is required by law and the Standing Orders of the Assembly.

Plaintiffs aver that, at that same meeting, the MCE nominee still polled 8 votes out of the available 13 and therefore stood rejected.

But while the ballots were being arranged, a strange YES ballot was smuggled into the votes to pave the way for MS Jennifer Afagbedzi’s confirmation.

While the YES vote was introduced, one of the NO ballots was also removed from the votes against the nominee, giving her 9 YES votes against supposed 4 NO votes.

The plaintiffs aver that the additional YES vote was procured fraudulently and that the fraud can be determined with a forensic audit.

The plaintiffs said that on the strength of the electoral fraud, plans are far advanced to swear in Ms Afagbedzi as the MCE of La Nkwantanang and that the only way to stop the confirmation is by a court order, hence the request for the Interlocutory Injunction.

In addition to a declaration that the second meeting, which supposedly confirmed the nominee was illegal, and any confirmation of her as MCE on account is also baseless in law, the plaintiffs also requested for cost to be awarded against the defendants.

They urged the court to go on and grant the injunction since in the absence of an MCE, the Assembly can still function with the Municipal Coordinating Director and the Greater Accra Regional Minister available to fill the gap.



Source: Samuels

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