Motgari applauds Minority in Parliament

…Says ‘They are doing a yeoman’s job’

Madam Joyce Bawa Mogtari, the spokesperson for former President John Dramani Mahama during the Election 2016 campaign, has lauded the National Democratic Congress members in parliament for good job done within the 100 days under the New Patriotic Party-led government.

She believes the NDC, who currently forms the minority in the 7th Parliament of the Fourth Republic, has proved beyond any reasonable doubts that they are indeed on top of issues to hold the Akufo-Addo-led government accountable.

“Indeed, we also know the propaganda that has gone into all of this and I do think that our minority in parliament are doing a yeoman’s job and the party itself, the National Democratic Congress, is working very very hard,” she stated.

Mrs. Bawa Mogtari also commended the executives of the National Democratic Congress and the party, as a whole, for working very hard to stay focused and united with the aim of bouncing back to power again in 2020.

Sharing her views on the NDC 100 days in opposition, Mrs. Mogtari noted that members of the former government and the NDC at large are now settling down to concentrate on other matters and also focus on becoming a constructive and positive opposition to the current NPP administration.

“We thank the almighty Lord, I do think that things are pretty much settled now for everybody and indeed the new government has been sworn into power, we are no longer in charge of running the affairs of this country. So indeed we are all finding ways to settle in to opposition and, of course, to be a constructive and positive opposition party to the government and I think so far, so good we’ve done a very good job and we’ll continue to look forward to providing the best alternative to this administration that Ghanaians can have. And for all the former appointees, continue to be available to provide support, to provide guidance and advise when necessary,” she said.

Madam Mogtari chastised the Akufo-Addo government for failing Ghanaians as far as the NPP campaign promises are concerned, and described the Vice President, Dr. Mahumudu Bawumia’s comment on 103 achievements during the NPP 100 days in office as mere talk aimed at drawing attention to keep a certain impression in the public domain.

“Indeed, I guess we are all in Ghana and of course we have all seen that most of the campaign promises made by the then NPP party cannot be sustained or be supported. Outlining the NPP 100 days achievements is just talk, indeed the voice of a policy is not necessary its implementation, apart from voicing it you need to implement it and also need to establish the outcome, these are all different aspects to campaign promises or manifesto promises, so I do think these are just talk to call attention to keep a certain impression in the public domain,” she stressed.

She said, on the part of the NDC as a party, they would continue to play a good role as a responsible opposition party who just left government, provide that constructive criticism when required and offer an alternative voice for the good people of Ghana.





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