More Than 100 Ghanaians Face Execution In Libya


– Revealed!

The Republic investigation has picked intelligence that Ghanaians numbering more than 100 are currently being held in detention, far away in Libya, under conditions that can be compared to those of the concentration camps in the slave trade era.

Family members of the affected detainees in Libya are therefore calling on the government to intervene and help save the lives of their loved ones who are said to be under threat of execution.

The crime of the young Ghanaians is that they entered that country through unapproved means and some of them have been in jail for over two years without trial.

According to our source at Kufra Maximum Prison in Libya where the more than 100 Ghanaians are being held, most of the ‘prisoners’ are ‘pale and ill,’ but the Libyan authorities do not care about their health situation.

Additionally, the prisons where some African immigrants are kept are said to be saddled with communicable diseases due to congestion and there are fears that some of them may die before the Libyan authorities kill them, as there are no medical facilities or health personnel at the prisons.

The source explained that, one of the ‘prisoners’ whose name is given as Abdul Bashiru Ibrahim, a 35-year-old, was said to have been accosted at a police barrier from Derna to Benghazi after close of work and he has been held behind bars for over one year now.

As a result, this paper traced the address of Bashiru Ibrahim (detainee) given to our source to a house in Accra and caught up with some family members who are perplexed about the son’s predicament, especially the aged mother.

In an interview, a brother of the detainee, Shafaru Ibrahim, told the paper that their family was devastated when news got to them, saying “my brother called home and told us about his ordeal and ever since the family have been going through hard times, especially our aged mother.”

“As you can see, she has reduced in size because she has not been eating, she has become restless and no one can tell what will happen to her if my brother is not released soon” he added.

Shafaru explained that his brother (Bashiru) got in touch with the family with the help of a detainee who managed to send a mobile phone into the prison.

He, however, corroborated our source’s account that some of the detainees have started vanishing into thin air, which had brought fear and anxiety among them, since no one knows his fate as to who will be killed next.

The source noticed that some of the detainees cannot be found in the prisons and we cannot question anybody.

Our source further revealed that some of the detainees have spent close to over one year and have not been questioned by the Libyan police or taken to court.

The food they eat in the prisons cannot be described, as it is difficult to find words to describe it and most of us are sick but we don’t get any medical attention,” the source added.

The source maintained that the Libyan authorities constantly subject their detainees to torture, making a number of them to get physically weak.

“If no intervention by the country’s government, as well as international and civil rights organisations is taken all the detainees will not get out of these places alive and those who will come out will not be fit for the rest of life,” our source lamented.

For this reason, the family of Ibrahim is calling on the government through the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to move swiftly to save those hundreds of Ghanaians whose fate hangs in the balance.



Source: Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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