More Revelations On IGP’s Foul-up In Kumasi

When some 50 members of the ruling New Patriotic Party’s goon squad, Delta Force, staged an overthrow of court proceedings in Kumasi to free 13 of their remanded colleagues from the grip of the law, they had done so in the aftermath of an earlier attack on the Ashanti Regional Coordinator for National Security, George Agyei.

Ahead of official investigation into the incident by the police, The Republic has learnt that the KMA Circuit Court, where the 13 goons standing trial were freed by colleagues had been thronged for at least one hour by the assailants.

Opinion is rife in town that if COP Nathan Kofi Boakye, immediate past Ashanti Regional Police Commander, had been at post, the marauding lawlessness by the Delta Force at the court, including assault on the trial judge, would not have happened.

A popular tough muscle in the National Police Force, COP Kofi Boakye had been strategically put in charge of the Ashanti Regional Constabulary by the erstwhile Mahama regime to neutralize high crime wave in that region.

That strategic move by the Mahama administration in 2014 proved to be a masterstroke, because the regional capital, Kumasi, which used to be a hotbed for armed robbery, soon became peaceful.

However, immediately the current IGP, David Asante-Apeatu, took over from John Kudalor, he started a seismic redeployment that saw COP Nathan Kofi Boakye being moved from the Ashanti Region to Accra.

A transfer that has set many wondering about the policing philosophy of the new IGP, saw COP Kofi Boakye, whose laurels include the arrest of notorious armed robber, Ayi Ayitey, alia Ataa Ayi, has been relegated to the duties of a pen pusher at the national police headquarters.

In line with the latest transfers, COP Kofi Boakye is assigned to the Police Headquarters in Accra as Director General of Research and Planning.

As if the move was a cue to hoodlums in Kumasi to return to criminal ways, the Delta Force soon struck, attacking newly-appointed Ashanti Regional coordinator of National Security and hounding him out of his office.

It was in the course of trial for the mayhem visited on George Agyei that some 50 goons from the same Delta Force thronged the court to free 13 of their members who were on trial, allegedly assaulting the trial judge, Mary Nsenkyire, in the process.

As the shocking attack on the judiciary heralded that the departure of Kofi Boakye from the Ashanti Region could see a relapse into impunity in the region, the successor to Kofi Boakye, DCOP Isaac Ken Yeboah, was a picture of total clumsiness.

How on earth the new Regional Police Commander could not read from the first assault on George Agyei by the Delta Force that similar mayhem could be visited on the court premises by the same group has left questions as to whether this man who has been brought from the Northern Region to replace Kofi Boakye knows his onions.

While news reports put the number of Delta Force members who had thronged the court to overthrow proceedings at 50, there were less than 10 police officers on duty at the court.

DCOP Ken Yeboah and his charges at the Ashanti Regional Police Command have released a press statement claiming the trial judge, Mary Nsenkyire was not harmed. However, the claim, belatedly came after the media had reported that the judge was assaulted.

Even so, the clumsiness of DCOP Ken Yeboah compares favorably with the cluelessness of the IGP. While the dust from the Delta Force attack was still in the air, Ghana’s Chief Constable admitted publicly, that the mayhem by Delta Force was not anticipated!

Selfsame IGP Asante-Apeatu had sanctioned the transfers that redeployed Kofi Boakye from Ashanti Region to Accra with a aplomb. The shocking attack on the judiciary in the aftermath of the transfer has dangled question marks on the decision.

It is worth noting that a knock-on effect of the transfer of Kofi Boakye to Accra is that COP Rose Bio Atinga, who has been replaced by COP Kofi Boakye, now moves to the Technical Directorate as Director General. COP Atinga Bio is known to be a fine constable in her own right.

Even as the Delta Force attack dangles question marks on IGP Asante-Apeatu’s competence, Ghanaians have not also failed to see political undertones in the transfer of COP Nathan Kofi Boakye from the Ashanti Region.

As much as it is true that the Ashanti Region has propensity for high crime wave, it is also the political stronghold of the ruling NPP.

In his duties as the Ashanti Regional Police Commander, Kofi Boakye, tackled criminal activities that included lawlessness from NPP faithful there.

Among others, Kofi Boakye rounded up former Local Government Minister and NPP bigwig, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, in a high profile arrest.

Everybody knows that COP Kofi Boakye’s heavy muscle on crime in the Ashanti Region also bore on election-related lawlessness in that NPP stronghold that did not inure to the benefit of the NPP.

Fully aware of the political implication of the transfer, the Police Administration jumped into its own defense without prompt from anyone, announcing that the redeployment of Kofi Boakye from Kumasi is not informed by any political undertone.

Public Affairs Director, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, in the statement to announce the transfers, specifically mentioned the name of COP Kofi Boakye and explained without query from anyone that his transfer is not politically motivated, even though it was not only COP Kofi Boakye who was being transferred.




Source: Fiifi Samuels

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