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Barely two months after The Republic had published that a supposed rollout of the ‘$1million per Constituency’ campaign promise was a hoax, a top minister has confirmed the monkey business.

Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei, Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, yesterday dropped the bombshell that the disbursement is not coming on this year!

“….This is obvious. For example, we are in August [and] the one million dollars per constituency programme, it is only five months to the end of the year so it cannot be fully implemented. But it will definitely start in earnest.

“So that is the reality. We are not going to try to implement a whole year’s programme in five months. We want to make sure that if we start, we start on the right footings so that going into next year it will be in full swing,” Dr. Akoto-Osei told Accra based Starr FM yesterday.

The admission is a 360 degree contradiction of an announcement in June by the Special Development Initiatives minister, Hawa Koomson, that the government had begun the process of disbursing the first tranche of the promised cash.

At a program by her ministry to brief metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives on government’s priority areas on the Infrastructure Poverty Eradication Program (IPEP), in June, this year, Hon. Koomson had claimed that $275 million to be allocated to the 275 constituencies was ready and the disbursement in the offing.

The announcement had received massive publication, on the front pages of many pro-government newspapers.

Readers would recall that The Republic, appraising the announcement in the belief that the money was really ready and disbursement was in the offing, pointed out that, even though the allocations might have been in the offing, the planned disbursements were flawed.

The minister had said 70% of the $1million for each of the constituencies was to be spent on government’s priority projects, such as the “One district-one factory, one village one dam, warehouses for planting for food and jobs, among others.”

The Republic had pointed out the problematic nature of that supposed allocations since it was assessed that per the allocations announced by Hawa Koomson, the $1million was not to going to go to the constituencies, separate from other campaign promises, as promised by the NPP, but that the same money was to be used to fund the other promises of the government.

In simple terms, The Republic had pointed out that, ‘One Constituency, $1million’ was a pie in the sky on the basis of the planned allocation announced by Hon. Hawa Koomson.

Yesterday, Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei revealed that even the misallocation of the monies is not coming on, as the government is not in position to start the disbursements.

According to him, if the program would start at all, it would have to be from next year.

The revelation has led to questions as to why the Minister for Special Development Initiatives, Hawa Koomson, lied with such aplomb about the supposed disbursements in June.

According to her at the time, only 30% of the $1million was to be allocated to the constituencies and even that one was to be done under determinations by a 10-member team approved by Cabinet.

Now that claim has turned out to be a lie.

We publish below the full story published in June on the announcement by Madam Hawa Koomson.


Source: Fiifi Samuels

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