Minister chased over abandoned projects

Hon. Andrew Dari Chiwitey, Member of Parliament (MP) for Sawla/Tuna/Kalba constituency in the Northern Region,has expressed his displeasure at the slow pace of work on a road project being executed in the Tuna-Kalba,and called for a speedy completion of the projects in time.

According to the MP, work on the 30km road, which was awarded contract in July 2016, has been stalled and the contractor has abandoned site, thereby making it very difficult for commuters to access the road.

Hon.Chiwitey made the statement after he posed a question to the Minister of Roads and Highways in parliament last Friday.

“Mr. Speaker, I want to ask the Minister for the Roads and Highways when the construction of the Tuna-Kalba road will be completed,” the MP asked on the floor of parliament.

In response, the Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon KwesiAmoako-Atta, said the road, which is  30-km long, is a feeder road in the Sawla/Tuna/Kalba District in the Northern Region  and is a gravel-surfaced road in poor condition.

He told parliament that, the contracts for the upgrading of the road to bituminous surfacing were in two phases, stating that “the contract for phase one which is the section between 20km was awarded on 12th July, 2016.”

According to the minister, “work commenced on 4th October 2016 for contractual completion by 4th April 2018,” adding that works have been completed up to the sub-based level and physical completion to date is estimated at 30%.”

Works on the second phase which is also about 20-30kms, Mr.Amoako-Atta said, was also awarded for contract on 21st July 2016, and commenced on 3rd October 2016 for contractual completion by 3rd April,2018.

He said, works for completion so far include clearing, formation, excavation of earth ditches and construction of culverts, noting that, “physical completion to date is estimated at 19 %.”

The minister however assured the MP and the people of Tuna-Kalba that the government was determined to complete all projects, including the road in question, to ease residents and commuters of the troubles they go through in accessing the road.

But in an interview with The Republic, Hon.Chiwitey stated that the delay in the execution of work on the project had adversely affected the good people of Tuna-Kalba, as dust from the road complicates their health conditions.

He said the chiefs and people of Tuna-Kalba have been complaining day-in-day-out about unfulfilled promises by the Nana Akufo-Addo administration to continue all projects initiated by the erstwhile National Democratic Congress(NDC).

The MP expressed his frustration at what appears to be deception by the New Patriotic Party (NPP)government, adding that the road which could be described as very bad is an important and economic road where its timely completion remained a concern.

Hon.Chiwitey noted that he would have to continue chasing the minister even if he is to frequent his office to ensure that the road is fixed for the good people of Tuna-Kalba.

He therefore counselled the government to, as a matter of urgency, focus on the ongoing projects before starting new ones.



Source: EngsaligeNyaaba

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