Melcom Group Accuses State Institutions Of Incompetence


The Melcom Group of companies in Ghana has accused and expressed disappointment in the state institutions legally mandated to provide a favourable environment for investors, businesses or individuals to operate freely in the country.

The company’s disappointment was as a result of the owner of the collapsed 6 storey building that killed about 14 people, injured over 50 people with extensive damage to properties worth thousands of Ghana Cedis at Achimota in Accra about five years ago, is walking a free man.

In a media briefing in Accra, Mr. Godwin Avenorgbo, Director of Communications of the Melcom Group accused the state institutions – Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) and the Police for refusing to prosecute the owner, Nana Kwesi Boadu (Director of Kinsdus Company Ltd, Accra) of that storey building.

He explained that immediately that Melcom building collapsed, all the aforementioned state institutions came to perform their duties, and they promised to come out with a report on the disaster as per law; but for five years now Melcom Group or Ghanaians cannot tell if there is any report.

Mr. Avenorgbo stressed that, “It is very disappointing that in the face of these obvious failures, the owner of the structure that collapsed, causing death, injury and loss of business has not been brought to book under the laws of Ghana. Melcom as an investor operates within the laws of Ghana and we expect that the same law should protect our investment as security and incentive for growing our business for the larger benefit of the economy”.

He said the support and protection that the local investor enjoys serves as a conduit to whip up interest in External Investor.

What seemed to beat the minds of the Melcom Group has been what process led to the construction of the collapsed Achimota Melcom building, with the help of the state agencies in charge of the construction in the country.

Mr. Avenorgbo further quizzed, “was the construction covered by a building permit by these relevant state agencies? Was soil test conducted before such huge six story building was put up? Was a qualified structural engineer contracted for the project? And, were the building materials used of the right specification and mix?” He hopped someone in authority would come out with answers to the above questions.

He charged these state agencies to make public the investigative report conducted some five years ago after the collapsed of the Achimota Melcom Building so as to send the right signals to foreign investors in the Country.

He posited that “Five years on, Melcom as an investor creating jobs in Ghana is concerned that not a single investigative report on the collapse of that property (owned by one Nana Kwesi Boadu, Director of Kinsadus Company) has been released.

“…Five years is obviously too long for any business house or entity which suffered such huge losses in human and material resources to look on helplessly while the inaction of state agencies allow the culprit freedom without any penalty to serve as a deterrent,” stated Mr. Avenorgbo.



Source: Delali A. Awuyeh

The Republic News Online

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