Medical Fees For New Army Recruits Skyrocket

…From last year’s Ghc130 for men and Ghc229 for women it is now Ghc525 for men and Ghc550 for women

Even though the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is a place of sacrificial service where citizens commit to serve their country at the peril of their lives, it has become expensive to sign up to bleed for the motherland.

The cost of undergoing the recruitment process has shot up sharply for prospective recruits with charges for undergoing medical tests in 2017 shooting up almost 500% over the cost of doing same in 2016.

Perspective recruits shortlisted for medicals in the 2016/2017 GAF recruitments are paying between Ghc525 and Ghc550 depending on gender.

Male prospective recruits are paying Ghc525 for medicals while females are paying Ghc550 for medicals.

These 2017 figures are increments on Ghc130 for the same medicals for males and Ghc229 for females in 2016. And they are also exclusive of monies that prospective recruits had to spend on forms.

What is even tricky is that recruitment is not guaranteed as a failure of the medicals would mean a disqualification from being recruited.

No official reason has been given to explain the Akufo-Addo government’s increase astronomical increase in the cost of recruiting into the army. It is speculated however, that the government is trying to raise money quietly through the expensive recruitment process.

The Government is broke and constrained to borrow to pay salaries. It is believed that the cut throat cost for those nursing the desire to become soldiers is part of the NPP government’s scheme to make Ghanaians help it recoup without knowing.

The same government earlier this week was exposed trying to get 26 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in the Northern region to cough up Ghc5, 000 each towards a sponsorship of President Akufo-Addo’s tour of the region.

The overbearing exaction had been saddled on the poor Assemblies whose statutory allocations from the NPP government have been cut down in spite of the fact that the President allocated an unprecedented Ghc1.5billion to the Presidency for 2017 alone.

Following an alarm that had been raised by whistleblowers, the government beat a hasty retreat making a fall guy of the Chief Director of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council who had been made to issue the directive on behalf of the regional Minister.

It has since however emerged that the NPP government is broke with the Finance Minister borrowing for the government to pay September salaries, and would therefore do anything to raise money from anywhere.

Meanwhile, the austerities that the NPP government has been visiting on the military have included the spectacle of having the salaries of soldiers delayed without any tangible reasons.

These austerities are what have been escalated to even prospective recruits in 2017, who must pay almost 500%, what was paid for medicals in 2016.

This year the Ghana Armed Forces aims to recruit some 1,200 new cadets. Thousands bought forms to apply when the process started in February.

However, the process was suspended later and re started in March this year.





Source: Samuels

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