MD Unilaterally Sold Contaminated Fuel

– BOST Stinking Fuel Deal

…Senior Staff kept in the dark

A new twist has emerged in the trending allegation that the managing director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST), Alfred Obeng Boateng, has awarded a sweetheart deal to a company linked to him.

Apparently, the sale of the 5 million litres of so-called off-spec fuel to Movenpiina Energy was unilaterally done by the MD without recourse to the Senior Staff Union of BOST.

Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the Senior Staff Union, yesterday told Accra-based Radio Gold that the Union was worried about the scandal and therefore was taking steps to investigate out the matter by itself.

He said he was not in position to even confirm or deny if Movenpiina has taken delivery of the 5million litres of the fuel that was sold to it at GHc5million, even though it is said to be worth GHc15million.

Emphatically, Mr. Jalil said neither he nor any other member of the Senior Staff Association had knowledge about the insides of the deal.

In pleading ignorance, Mr. Jalil also switched a siren on one Albert Mantey, whom he said has taken to radio stations to pose as the chairman of the Senior Staff Association of BOST.

He warned that Mr. Mantey was nothing but an impersonator who does not carry the voice of the Senior Staff Association on the issue.

“I want to dissociate ourselves (Union) from the comments made by somebody called Albert Mantey as Chairman for the Union Staff. Apart from me, nobody is the Chairman of the Union of BOST,” Mr. Jalil told Radio Gold’s Sammy Eshun yesterday.

Apparently, Mr. Mantey has, since the breaking of the scandal in which Movenpiina Energy, said to be linked to the BOST MD, stands to cream-off GHc10 million from the alleged shady deal, been deployed along the BOST MD himself to defend the deal.

Abdul Jalil, who says he is being impersonated by Mr. Mantey, reveals that he and the rest of the Senior Staff Association do not have the details that Mr. Mantey is articulating on behalf of BOST and its embattled MD and therefore dissociate themselves from those views.

Interestingly, this same Albert Mantey man had been sacked by former MD of BOST, Kingsley Kwame Awuah Darko, in 2015, for similarly shooting off his mouth in the media about issues concerning BOST, without recourse to anybody.

The dismissal had been on grounds that Mr. Mantey, who was then the Chairman of the Professional and Management Staff Union (PMSU), had breached BOST’s Conditions of Service, which demanded that he got approval from Management before discussing the company in the media.

However, in May of the same year, Mr. Awuah Darko had reinstated him with the backing of the staff who had roped in the Trades Union Congress.

But, yesterday, Mr. Abdul Jalil revealed that Albert Mantey does not have the backing of the staff in the matter of the Movepiina scandal.

The scandal has to do with Movenpiina Energy being awarded 5million litres of so-called contaminated fuel at a price of GHc5million which according to reports is actually worth GHc15million.

In addition to the wide disparity in value, Movenpiina is also given the luxury to pay for the fuel later, after selling it so that, in the long run, the company, per allegations, will make GHc10million without paying a pesewa by way of purchase.

But even more scandalous, Movenpiina Energy is said to be linked with the BOST MD, Alfred Obeng Boateng, as the official telephone number of Movenpiina on the company’s letterhead is said to lead to an Airport office of the BOST MD.

Movenpiina is also said to have gotten the contract 10 days before the company came into being.

All these issues remain unaddressed, even though BOST has since released a press statement ostensibly to explain them.

Also, even though BOST has claimed that it sold out the contaminated fuel to Movenpiina on recommendation by thy National Petroleum Authority, a former Chief Executive of the NPA, Alex Mould, has pointed out that per the laws on petroleum storage and distribution, Movenpiina cannot take delivery of the fuel.

This, according to Mr. Mould, is because Movenpiina is neither a Bulk Distribution Company (BDC) nor an Oil Marketing Company (OMC).

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC – GH) has called on the public to report any purchases of contaminated fuel that it makes.

The civil society organization, which strongly suspects that the contaminated fuel has been put on the market, promises to do a class action on behalf of all victims if BOST does not immediately get all the contaminated fuel suspected to be on the market off the market.

BOST has claimed the contaminated fuel is not on the market, but already some drivers have begun complaining that their engines have suddenly broken down after buying fuel recently.



Source: Samuels

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