MCE Promises Massive Transformation Of Adentan

…As he targets 5,500 youth for mushroom farming

Hon. Daniel Alexander Nii Noi Adumuah, the newly appointed Municipal Chief Executive for Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA), in the Greater Accra Region, has promised to transform the municipality with policies that will unlock the stagnant economy and stimulate development.

According to him, the assembly, which was created nine years ago, will witness an unparalleled implementation of his vision to bring development closer to the people of Adentan.

Nii Noi Adumuah disclosed this when he met with the Adentan Assembly Press Corps (AAPC) to share his vision for the municipality in Accra last Saturday.

The press soirée was attended by the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mrs. Moira Ewa, the Presiding Member of AdMA, Joseph Odai Boye, and Public Relations Officer, Ms Ellen Blankson, and Mr. Fredrick Tetteh Lartey, Municipal Finance Director.

Addressing the press corps, the MCE unveiled six thematic pillars upon which he would build the municipality, stating his vision is to transform Adentan into one of the biggest cities and most enviable for all businesses and industries.

Among his priority areas of focus, he said, are Education, Agriculture, Sanitation, Infrastructure, Health and Human Relations, which he coined as “EASIHR.”

He said education is the bedrock of modern development and the assembly, under his leadership, would embark on aggressive educational policies that would augment the already existing institutions to provide a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

Currently, Nii Noi Adumuah said, the municipality can boast of about 200 private and 13 public basic schools,  stressing that this therefore meant the residents understood the importance of education and would do all they can to ensure their wards get access to education.

Until recently, where a Community Day Senior High School was built by the government, the Adentan municipality could not boast of any public secondary school and school children who passed out from junior high schools cross to neighbouring municipalities or travel to other parts of the region to access senior high education.

The MCE, in outlining his developmental agenda, promised to provide an enabling environment for expansion of education facilities in both public and private institutions, while encouraging all stakeholders to get involved and support the assembly to deliver.

Under sanitation, Nii Noi Adumauh said, he would re-echo the pledge by President Akufo-Addo to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa and ensure that Adentan is rid off of filth to avoid unhygienic diseases like cholera and others.

He said the environmental health campaign will be intensified, while the sanitation officers and waste management companies will also be engaged to deliver timely and expeditiously to avoid waste being kept at refuse dump sites for days and weeks before collection.

He reiterated the President’s vision in “making Accra the cleanest city in Africa,” adding that, he is committed to toeing the President’s vision, by ensuring proper sanitation in the Adentan Municipality.

Touching on Agriculture, Mr. Adumuah stated that the assembly intends to industrialize agriculture, emphasizing that, the municipality is blessed with so many farms and  agriculture-related institutions which makes it easier to tap knowledge and experience to support any form of agricultural activity in the area.

He cited the Animal Research Institute farms, the University of Ghana demonstration farms, the Nungua Dairy farms, among others, as institutions within and closer to the municipality where the assembly could source knowledge to train and support youth in agriculture, either under the “Planting Food for Jobs” programme (PFJP) or the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) modules.

The assembly, he indicated, would engage at least 5,500 youth, including the physically challenged persons, in mushroom farming, as part of his six pillars priority development agenda to weed out unemployment among the teeming youth who roam in the municipality with no meaningful jobs.

The MCE stated that, he intends engaging farmers, industries and other related companies to formulate policies to attract the youth to agriculture.

“Unemployment rate is very high in Adentan. Agriculture, fish farming and food processing can play a vital role in the development of the municipality,” he said.

The potential for agro-based food processing industries in Adentan is very high, he said, adding that, besides major food crops like maize and vegetables, the municipality could also initiate horticultural crops, especially in mushroom farming.

Adentan has achieved great success in the cultivation of traditional crops and vegetables, like maize, cassava, cashew nuts, tomatoes and mushroom, among others, with most farmers at Maidzor, Nanakrom, Ashaley-Botwe, Armahia, Marledjor, Ashiyie and Adjiriganor.

Explaining his vision on infrastructure, Mr. Adumuah said, the initiative, which will tackle all segments of the municipality to revive the deteriorating and unplanned structures would be one of the dominant features of his administration.

He said his mission was to restore the lost glory of Adentan, listing critical challenges confronting the municipality, such as unauthorized structures sitting on drains and water ways, building without permit and owning property but failing to pay property rate among others would be seriously tackled.

The new MCE said the assembly would re-profile its roads network and work on them to provide easy access to the municipality, stressing that most of the inner routes would be aggressively upgraded and where possible tarred.

On water which has been a known problem in the municipality, Mr. Adumuah said the assembly would collaborate with the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to complete the pipeline connectivity to communities yet to access the water, which was made possible during the previous government.

He also promised good human relations between the assembly and the residents as part of his agenda to transform the municipality and called on residents to remain confident and steadfast in the ability of the present government to deliver on its promises, adding that the government has an unwavering commitment and resolve to move the nation to the next level.

The elated MCE also called on the various Assembly members to rally behind his appointment as MCE in attaining his vision.

He promised to be nonpartisan in his tenure as MCE, adding that he would give a listening ear to all issues pertaining to the well-being of Adentan.



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