Massive Demo Greets Akufo-Addo At UN

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s maiden address to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York had a lot of shine taken away from it when Ghanaians in the US welcomed him with a massive demonstration.

Unhappy Ghanaians in the Diaspora, who said they were fed up with massive corruption, nepotism and lies perpetrated by the Akufo-Addo government turned up in their numbers at the Dag Hamarskjold plaza bearing placards that expressed their sentiments.

Among others, some of the placards read, “Akufo-Addo Bawuliar Nepotism,” “Akufo-Addo Bawuliar Gross incompetence,” and “ Massive Corruption at Flagstaff House under Akufo-Addo.”

Still other demonstrators wondered why the President has turned state machine into a property of his family, questioning why his family members have been appointed to all the important positions in government, including the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo.

“Akufo-Addo stop witch hunting,” and “Akufo-Addo stop supporting corruption,” are other sentiments that placards had borne.

The demonstration, which dogged Akufo-Addo as he gave his maiden address at the United Nations, exposed to the global community, the true state of affairs in the country, even as the President portrayed a dignified image.

Thematically, the placards had captured sentiments over issue like the KENBONMD scandal in which the Finance Minister sold $2.25billion worth of bonds to a company that employs his business partner and the 5million litre dirty oil scandal at the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company.

Other sentiments are incompetence on the part of the government which has seen its ministers caught in disgraceful comedies of errors, witch-hunting of former regime appointees, including President Mahama’s younger brother, Ibrahim Mahama, and the Electoral Commissioner, Charlotte Osei.

Interestingly, in the buildup to the massive demonstration against President Akufo-Addo and the NPP government, the regime had attempted to water down its effect ahead of time.

Among others, the NPP government had sponsored a speculation in the media that former President John Mahama had been behind the demonstration and that he had doled out $76,000 to organizers of the demonstration.

But upon the emergence of that claim angry Ghanaians in the US, including one Dr. Lawrence, had taken to social media to pooh-pooh the attempt to insult the intelligence of Ghanaians.

“Some people who fear the great impact this demonstration is going to have on Nana’s government have started linking President Mahama with this demonstration by alleging that he has donated a whopping $76,000 towards this event.

“Sometimes when you are in Ghana, you don’t know the value of the dollar so you just come up with any amount and think that is even possible to spend. Let me put on record that this demonstration has nothing to do with President Mahama, NDC or NPP. It has everything to do with Ghanaians in the Diaspora who think Nana Addo’s government is the worse in this fourth republic and we want him to know it.

“So far, we have secured the permit, banner, placards and other logistics are all on site. I can assure Ghanaians coming to the demonstration that the place will be well secured and safe for everyone. There is no need to entertain any fears whatsoever. 54% of Ghanaians voted for Nana Addo so they are afraid to tell him about the insecurity and corruption in his government. We are in the Diaspora but we will not whine about this. We will tell him in his face and we think the time is now,” Dr. Lawrence had written.

Apparently, the attempt to sabotage the demonstration with lies had spurred more interest in it leading to a massive turnout on the day.

Yesterday, while the US demonstration was in the offing a solidarity walk in Accra in protest of the NPP government’s change of the Founder’s Day date from Nkrumah’s birthday, 21st September, to 4th August, the day on which the UGCC was founded also drew thousands of people.



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