The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s plain-talking Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has decried the appointment of former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, as the first Special Prosecutor.

In an interesting dissonance that totally departs from jubilation within the ruling party over the appointment, Ken Agyapong says that President Akufo-Addo has only ensnared his own government with a banana peel that will lead to regret in future.

On Accra based Adom TV’s political talk show, ‘Badwam’ Mr. Agyapong likened Amidu to a Frankenstein Monster that is being nursed by the NPP, saying that like a wild beast being tamed for circus performances, Amidu will one day pounce on his benefactors.

“…and Ghanaian are jubilating because of Amidu, but do you see how circus trainers end up? … they keep training the animals and become comfortable with them until one day the animal unexpectedly pounces on them; that is what will happen to NPP, so celebrate.”

Mr. Agyapong cited Martin Alamisi Ben Kaizer Amidu’ immediate past as reason for the NPP to be worried, asking the ruling party to look back and see what the man who calls himself Citizen Vigilante did to late President Mills after Mills had made him Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

“You are hailing Amidu, I say it’s a circus, you have forgotten, the man who made him a Minister, see how he embarrassed him?” Mr. Agyapong who spoke in Twi interspersed with English said rhetorically.

The MP’s dissonance is the only one that is open and direct about the appointment of Mr. Amidu, who only recently renounced his membership to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Prior to Ken Agyapong’s take, there had only been unconfirmed claims that some people in the NPP were uncomfortable with the appointment of Mr. Amidu, who is seen as an emotional volcano.

Even though the SP, is essentially a scarecrow position in which its occupant will only act at the behest of the Attorney General, the controversial Amidu who is alleged to have attempted to assault late President Mills over corruption allegations that he had made against the Mills government is seen as a wild card who can fly off the handle anytime.

Martin Amidu gained media notoriety with his penchant for insulting and impugning corruption on former President John Mahama without any proof. His totally unbecoming behavior had started after he had been sacked from his position as Attorney General in 2012 by late President Mills for gross insubordination.

Following from there, Martin Amidu, who prior to becoming Attorney General had contested the 2000 election as Running Mate to Mills, turned himself into a so called Citizen Vigilante, and took to writing long epistles to denigrate his own government.

Refusing to move on from his disgraceful sack from government, he had among others, called the Mills/Mahama government a looter government, without any evidence.

President Akufo-Addo’s appointment of Amidu as the first ever SP to a 7 year term has been seen as a move to leverage Amidu’s anger against his own party. But as Ken Agyapong has said, the man is a Frankenstein Monster that will surely turn on the NPP.

“You are hailing Amidu, I say it’s a circus, you have forgotten, the man who made him a Minister, see how he embarrassed him?” Mr. Agyapong said on Badwam.

It is on that same program that the NPP firebrand also branded the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) as a bogus institution. For invading the offices of Georgina Opoku Amankwaa, one of two Deputy Electoral Commissioners under investigation, Mr. Agyapong said EOCO is bogus.

According to him, even though the investigative body is headed by his uncle, it is bogus because it had selectively invaded the office of Georgina Opoku Amankwaa but had not done same to the offices of her colleague, Amadu Sule and the Commissioner herself, Charlotte Osei.

According to him Charlotte Osei ought to have been removed a long time ago but she is still at the helm of affairs because some people at the Flagstaff House are trying to protect her.

Ken Agyapong claimed that frustration over the protection being given to Charlotte Osei by some people at the Flagstaff House is not only shared by him, but by even judges who are sitting on a commission that is investigating corruption allegations against the EC commissioner.



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