Manhunt For Gay Activist   

…Gbawe chiefs place GHc50,000 bounty on his head

Samuel Horace Quartey, a young man believed to be in his mid-30s, is wanted by the chief and elders of Gbawe, a suburb of Accra.

The Gbawe Traditional Council (GTC) has consequently promulgated a search, instigating the public to a manhunt with an enticing GHc50,000 as bounty on Mr. Quartey’s head.

The bounty carrier’s case is that he is suspected to be a homosexual with a prolific sexual life.

Along with a charming charisma and monetary enticement, Samuel Horace Quartey is said to have influenced many young people into his way of life during a brief stay in the Gbawe community.

Apparently, Mr. Quartey went into hiding when the chiefs and people of Gbawe got wind of his lifestyle and decided to bring the force of the traditional authority against him.

However, the gay-suspect is said to have melted into the shadows and has since been on the run.

The bounty on his head has since become public knowledge, with his picture trending on social media. However, rumours on his whereabouts include suspicions that he has probably absconded to the United States of America.

Samuel Horace Quartey is said to have lived out a gay lifestyle while living in Gbawe and that he had influenced many young people with his lifestyle.

It is not clear what the GTC would do with him if he were arrested, but gayism is seriously frowned upon in the generality of the Ghanaian society with traditional cultural heritage totally abhorring of the act.

The country’s constitution criminalizes the act as well.

Under normal circumstances it is the police that is supposed to hunt suspects. The GTC taking the initiative therefore is interesting.

This search for Mr. Samuel Horace Quartey comes at a time when a shocking revelation by the General Secretary by the Christian Council, Rev. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, that foreign sponsors of the Council have all but demanded the championing of gay rights as a precondition for continued access to the aid, is wearing off Ghanaians.

Rev. Dr. Opuni-Frimpong indicated as part of the revelation that he has been approached to serve as an ambassador of the gay rights movement in Ghana.

The bounty on Mr. Quartey’s head also comes at a time when media reports have highlighted an outlandish hairstyle won by the country’s Gender Minister as a lesbian haircut.



Source: / Fiifi Samuels

The Republic News Online

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