Mampong Technical College of Education holds graduation

Mamapong Technical College of Education in the Ashanti Mampong Municipality has held its 9th Graduation Ceremony for 2016 Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) graduates.

Rev. Dr. Nyuieko Avotri, the principal of the college,  in his report, said the college is 95years old, having been established in 1922 by Sir Gordon Guggisburg as one of the trade schools in the then Gold Coast.

According to him, various changes and uses to which the facility had been put have remained largely focused on technical education for males, with the passing out of 407 students, adding that the college’s population now stands at 1,369 made up of level 100-445, level 200-616 and level 300-308 students.

Rev. Dr. Avotri explained that the college has also made some initial contacts with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET), the body charged to help the college in the re-tooling process.

“As a college, we are extremely happy about such a plan and pledge our total support to see its birth in the shortest possible time, we suggest strongly, however, that as early as possible a working group involving all the stakeholders be put together to work out the details,” he noted.

He indicated that the college, from its Internally Generated Fund (IGF), renovated all the workshops, wood, metal, construction, electronics, electrical, as well as the Visual Arts studies, adding that the college was also in the process of engaging the services of a data management company to help manage its data systems.

On investments, the principal said the college has made some investment into a 10-acre oil palm plantation, and despite bush fires and disturbances from domestic animals, like goats and sheep, the palm was fruiting for the first time this year, and it would help reduce the college’s food bill, while at the same time generating extra income.

The graduation ceremony was to award diplomas to 407 students who had successfully completed their course of study in the college, where 5 had 1st Class Division, 61 Second Class Upper Division, 199 had Second Class Lower Division, 126 had Third Class Division and 16 pass.

Rev. Dr. Avotri admonished the graduates to leave a mark in the sand of history to explore new ideas, and learn to do things smarter and be innovative saying “you must, however, understand that our world is full of vision killers, and people who do not want change as such people and system will fight you with anything any time you try to do things differently, and you must not be discouraged but fight on,” he said”

Other speakers were Daasebre Nana Osei Bonsu, Mamponghene and the Municipal Director of Education.



Source: Nsiah Yeboah, Mampong

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