Maintain an open-mind for 2020 victory

-Weija-Gbawe NDC urges party leaders

Mr. John Afful, a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC ) in the Weija-Gbawe Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, has urged the leadership of the party  to approach the issue of restructuring with an ” open mind,” as he warned against the “pulling him down” syndrome currently affecting the path toward the 2020 return victory.

According to NDC constituency communicator, the continuing blame game and cynical pull-him-down syndrome on each other, especially against some brave youth members who dedicated their lives to serve the party, is not a substitute for reasoned arguments as to the better path to the future.

Mr. Afful, a strong advocate of and firm believer in restructuring, stated this while speaking in an exclusive interview with The Republic on the Weija constituency plans of restructuring of NDC, ahead of the party’s parliamentary and presidential primaries early next year.

He told the paper that, some members of the leadership in the NDC, precisely in the Weija-Gbawe Constituency, are frustrating the youth who are willing to take up a challenge and confront the issues to lead the party back to power in 2020.

The NDC communicator claimed that toward the reorganizing and restructuring of the party ahead of its next year primaries, he, together with some youth members, organized a restructuring meeting, but some of the leadership expressed misgivings on the grounds that they were taking up their job.

“We are working as a party, we the communicators and youth of Weija-Gbawe are working, but it appears some of the big men or the leaders are not in support of our work. They do not encourage us but rather working to pull us down.”

“What their problem are we do not know, but the possible reason being that they saw our effort as a threat to their position, but that is not our aim, we want the NDC to return to power and we are mobilizing ourselves and every youth we think can contribute to the victory, what we need is victory,” Mr. Afful said.

He frowned on the various inciting speeches and comments from the constituency leaders and elders, stating such outbursts must be avoided and be condemned by all.

He noted that the continued altercation between some of the NDC members in  the constituency has degenerated into non-communication among members which he cautioned may affect the operation and chance of the party in future elections.

The Weija-Gbawe NDC, he said, has the capability of capturing the seat, but the continued lack of trust, backbiting and whining would further sink the party in the constituency.

Mr. Afful stated that the youth who believe in the unity of Weija-Gbawe remained unshakable, adding that mutual respect and accommodation are a very necessary ingredient to sustain the party’s development and growth leading to a resounding victory.

He said that the Weija-Gbawe NDC youth  has no problem with people’s agitations so long as in trying to draw attention to their yearnings and aspirations, respect for one another and the realisation that their rights do not include encroachment on and infringement on the legitimate rights and dignity of others.

He also emphasised that the party has all chances of returning to power if all party members work together and sacrifice their personal interest for the sake of the NDC and that of the ordinary Ghanaian.

The leadership, Mr. Afful pointed  out, should at all time be open- minded and involve the party youth in every deliberation to rebuild the party for elections, stressing that NDC has the bright chance of returning to power  but all party faithful  must agree to work together in one accord.





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