Yesterday, many Ghanaians were made to feel like Martians on earth when Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, chronicled phantom achievements by the NPP government in the nine months that it has been in power, even though so far President Akufo-Addo has only launched and commissioned projects from the era of his immediate predecessor, President John Mahama.

In what has been seen as an insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians, Mr. Ofori-Atta claimed in Parliament, during a presentation of the 2018 budget that the NPP has ended the perennial power crisis, known derogatorily as “dum sor.”

The claim was in spite of the fact that in the nine months that the NPP has been in power, it has not added even a single megawatt to the national energy generation mix.

Below are highlights of some of the glaring lies.

  1. Free SHS 

The NPP Government has not delivered Free SHS as they promised.  In simple terms, the Government has attempted to implement First Year Free SHS.  Insufficient funds have been sent to the schools forcing school authorities to share food rations for the 2nd and 3rd year students with the 1st year.  Frustrated and hungry 2nd and 3rd year students are taking their anger out on the 1st year students.  Some students are sitting on blocks in their classrooms. Bed bugs have invaded some schools and there is no money to treat the plague.

  1. Restore Nursing Trainees allowance 
  2. Restore Teacher Trainees allowance 

Restoration of allowances is characterized by greater deception and dishonesty.  Dr. Bawumia said the restoration was effective March 2017, however the restoration came in October without any payment of arrears from January 2017.  This means that for 3rd year nursing students, they will receive only October and November 2017 allowances since they will finish their exams this month.

  1. End Dumsor

The NPP Government did not end dumsor.  Way back on March 2, 2016, Dr. Bawumia attested to the end of dumsor when he stated that ‘Mahama deserves no credit for fixing dumsor.’

Has the NPP government added a single megawatt of power to the installed capacity? The 250mw Ameri power barge, Atuabo Gas Processing Plant, 220MW Kpone Thermal Plant, 2MW Navrongo Solar Power, 180MW Sunon Asogli Phase II, 110MW Takoradi Thermal Plant, 225MW Karpower Barge were all executed by the previous government.

  1. Reduce Fertilizer Prices

The NDC government gave out free cocoa fertilizer to cocoa famers.  When NPP came to power, they decided to sell fertilizer that was free for Ghc80 to cocoa farmers.  So for which category of farmers has the NPP Government reduced the fertilizer prices?

  1. Increase Peace Keeping Allowances from 31 to 35$

When were these payments made?  Wasn’t there serious agitation before some payments were made? Were they paid before they left their postings to enable them to make purchases before coming home?

You also promised to allocate monies for maintenance of barracks and vehicles. Have you done this? Have you started the piloting school you said you would commission before the end of four years?

  1. Reduce rapid rate of borrowing and accumulation of debt 

How much did the NPP Government borrow between July and October 2017?  The Minister for Finance compared their borrowing record from January 2017 to June 2017 to the full year borrowing record of the NDC government.  Why did the Minister leave out the months of July to October 2017?  Gross deception and dishonesty!

  1. Restore economic growth 

How does any serious economist or finance minister compare a debt to GDP ratio of January 2016 – December 2016, to that of January 2017 – September 2017 when October, November and December expenditures are yet to be factored in? Simply unbelievable!

  1. Reduce taxes 

The 3% flat VAT rate is active.  Indeed, there is an ongoing court case on the 3% VAT with the support of the AGI, Importers & Exporters Association etc. How can entities that paid 17.5% before and now 3% in addition be happy?  Their VAT is now 20.5% instead of 17.5%.

The 3% VAT is an added cost that vendors have simply been forced to pass off to consumers. Is the NPP Government using a roundabout way to add that 3% and not refund the difference?

  1. National Digital Property addressing system 

419 digital system – GHC3.5m for marketing; US$2.5 to Vokacom; US$400,000 regular payments to Google.


  1. Initiate measures to deal with corruption including establishing the Office of Special Prosecutor 

What measures have they initiated to deal with corruption?  What have they done about the allegations of corruption re-BOST, Addison’s Ameri Committee, Ofori-Atta’s Bonds, etc.

Passing an Act to appoint a Special Prosecutor is not the same as establishing the office and appointing the person.  The Act provides that the person should be nominated by the Attorney-General and approved by majority of Parliament.  Has this been done?  Who is the person?  Where is his/her office?  Has he/she started work?

  1. Issue National Identification Cards

Have any more cards been issued after the showbiz card that was issued to the President?  Is it true that NIA is trying to make it a requirement that one can only get a national ID card if he or she is able to provide either a passport or a birth certificate? What happens to our voters ID card?

  1. Establish Three Development Authorities (Northern, Middle Belt & Coastal) as vehicles for the allocation of the 1m per constituency 

What is the role of the districts?  There seems to be an attempt to create constituency-based development ($1m/1constituency) and now Development Authorities.

If the Acts have been passed, does that mean they have been operationalized?

  1. Establish Zongo Development Fund 

What happened to the Ghc219.5m Government said had been allocated to the Zongo development earlier this year?

  1. Revive collapsed railway sector 

How would you have attempted to revive the railway sector with the comprehensive Railway Development Plan completed in 2015?  What new railway lines has the NPP government commenced since they took over?



Source: Ananse


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