…Ignorant of freeing of Delta Force 8 suspects, ignorant of Ofori-Atta’s shady $2.25bn bond deal…Haba!

 Ghanaians are beginning to have cause to worry that the Attorney- General and Minister of Justice, Madam Gloria Akuffo, is a lazy couch potato.

Apparently, Ghana’s chief lawyer is a clumsy apparatchik who is neither hands-on nor really in charge at her portfolio as the Delta Force 8 scandal tells up into the second time that the carpet has been pulled from under her feet in less than four months in office.

As the story goes, the Attorney-General was ignorant of the Ashanti Regional Chief State Attorney’s decision to drop charges against eight members of the ruling party’s goon squad, Delta Force, until after the State Attorney had dropped the bombshell in court.

And the nasty surprise is in spite of the fact that Gloria Akuffo, as Attorney-General, is supposed to be the one who maps out prosecutorial strategies and decides every criminal prosecution that the State undertakes.

According to a statement that was released by the Information Ministry in the wake of uproar over the State’s file of nolle prosequi against the eight NPP goons, the AG was totally unaware of the decision to discontinue the case.

“Preliminary investigations suggest that decision was taken without recourse even to the Director of Public Prosecution and may amount to breach of internal procedures,” the statement claimed.

The statement had also indicated that the State Attorney, who ostensibly dropped the case, might have breached internal bureaucratic procedures.

Abass Caesar, Ebenezer Opoku, Samuel Yeboah, Kofi Fosu, Christian Anokye, Kwame Frempong, Eric Kusi and Abdul Suleman Odudu had acted together to attack and overthrow court proceedings in Kumasi forcibly freeing 13 of their colleagues who had been on trial for physically attacking and forcibly removing the Ashanti Regional Coordinator for National Security, George Agyei, from office.

The Chief State Prosecutor, who dropped the case, is said to have done so ostensibly on grounds of lack of evidence, even though the crime had been committed in the court of Judge Mary Nsenkyire.

As dastardly as the attack was, it had attracted condemnation from the United Nations setting up the case as opportunity for the Akufo-Addo government to prove to the rest of the world that the Rule of Law is operational in Ghana.

However, somehow, the Attorney-General claims that the State’s decision to discontinue prosecution was made without recourse to her giving the indication that she is not really in charge at the Justice Ministry.

Since the scandal broke, a feisty attempt at damage control started with a promise by the AG to investigate circumstances under which a decision was taken to discontinue such a crucial case without recourse to her.

The Senior State Attorney, Marie Louis-Simmons, has explained that her outfit in Kumasi had decided to drop the case because police witnesses could not identify the suspects in court.

Her explanation has since hit home as an attempt to insult the intelligence of the public.

As Ghanaians wait for that ostensible internal investigation at the AG’s end, it is not lost on observers that this is the second time that the A-G has professed ignorance on a crucial high profile issue that should have been decided on by her.

A few weeks ago, when the Franklin Templeton scandal broke, the same Gloria Akuffo emerged from obscurity to announce that the Finance Minister had sold the $2.25billion bond to that offshore American company without recourse to her.

Gloria Akuffo’s profess of ignorance was in spite of the fact that, as the AG, it is her responsibility to advise on every major government transaction, including deals with offshore companies.

However, just like she is at present professing ignorance in the Delta Force 8 case after the harm has been done, she similarly only professed ignorance in the Franklin Templeton case after the Finance Minister had undertaken that dirty deal with FT.

The two developments have conspired into two fast successive comedies of errors around the A-G that highlight Gloria Akuffo as a poor excuse for an attorney who is not in charge at the Ministry of Justice.

Another impression is that actors of the Akufo-Addo regime do not really respect the Attorney General, and probably consider her as a malleable pushover that can be ignored like a piece of furniture.

After all, Gloria Akuffo is one of several relatives of Akufo-Addo, who are in office, not on the basis of meritocracy, but because their kinsman is the President.

Both case scenarios would be a source of worry for Ghanaians because this woman Gloria Akuffo, who is either a clumsy dummy or a doormat for actors of the Akufo-Addo government, is the same person representing the country in Ghana’s high profile maritime dispute with the Ivory Coast at the International Court.


Source: Fiifi Samuels

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