Land guards storm Kenyasi – Abirem with AK47 guns

Land guards have stormed Kenyasi-Abirem in the Kwabre East district of the Ashanti Region amidst sporadic shootings to take over lands.

According to the workers who spoke to Abusua News Osei Kwadwo, about 3 macho men wielding guns came and ordered them to stop work.

The dispute is between two family who claim ownership of that land.

However people on that land said their life is in danger due to attack of Land guards.

One woman who failed to mention her name said the land guards always come there to give them warning to stop working on their lands.

” We are not comfortable staying here because the land guards always come here to disturb us there by causing ‘fear and Panic. We are therefore appealing to Otumfuo to intervene and bring to a stop the incessant embarrassment we are going through here”She said.




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