La MCE Moves To Sack NADMO Staff

The Akufo-Addo government’s record dismissal of over 13,000 public sector workers in less than six months in office is on course to spiral, as the municipal chief executive for La-Dadekotopon allegedly embarks on a mission to rob the NDC to pay NPP.

Gladys Naa Mann-Dedey, the MCE in charge at LaDMA, is said to have started the motions to replace employees of the National Disaster Management Organization, perceived to be of NDC leaning, with NPP foot soldiers.

And according to sources, she is using every trick in the book to achieve this end.

Yesterday, a meeting with zonal heads of NADMO at LaDMA is said to have seen her make known her intention to have most workers of the agency redeployed.

The transfers, sources say, will suddenly transfer staff of NADMO at LaDMA outside of Accra to very remote parts of the country without accommodation for the staff.

This move is believed by sources as a trick to quietly dissuade current staff of NADMO to resign their position from the agency, as the sudden transfer will put them into austerity.

As the current staffs of the agency were employed by the predecessor NDC government, the move is seen as an attempt to weed out employees perceived to be pro-NDC to create employment for NPP foot soldiers.

Even so, the summary transfer agenda is said to be a compromise stance of the LaDMA MCE, who is said to have initially attempted to summarily sack a huge chunk of LaDMA NADMO staff because they are perceived to be pro-NDC.

Last Thursday, sources say, she had ordered the summary dismissal of at least 35% of the staff of the La-Dadekotopon office of NADMO who had been employed into the agency during the erstwhile NDC administration.

Consequently, a total of 76 workers of NADMO with the LaDMA NADMO office was to be cut down to 50.

Madam Naa Mann-Dedey is said to have ordered the layoffs at a meeting with NADMO staff at LaDMA last Thursday.

However, it is said that her obvious lack of understanding of the functional structure of NADMO had been pointed out to her, as she was told to the face that NADMO is a department of the Ministry of Interior and not the Municipal Assembly.

As she is not the Minister of Interior it was implicitly made clear that her attempt to summarily fire people from NADMO was tantamount to her arrogating powers of the Interior Minister to herself.

The spell-out was said to have been a part of very confrontational meeting that the MCE, who is alleged to view all existing NADMO staff as relics and supporters of the erstwhile NDC government, had had with the NADMO staff last Thursday.

Yesterday, she is said to have announced in another meeting with Zonal Heads of NADMO that she wants most of the NADMO staff there transferred out of the LaDMA area of jurisdiction.

The new destination for affected staff will be remote corners of the country and yet there is no provision for staff accommodation in those remote areas.



Source: Fiifi Samuels



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