Krachi Nchumuru roads to be fixed before end of 2017 – Minister assures


The Ministry of Roads and Highways has assured residents of Krachi Nchumuru and its adjoining communities that, most of the deplorable roads in the area would be fixed with grading and clearing of vegetation to make them motorable before end of this year, 2017.

According to the minister, Hon  Kwesi Amoako-Atta, the 12.6 km road that links Buafin Lakeside Lakeside to Nandikrom communities will be, “programmed for grading, clearing of vegetation and ditch cleaning,” as part of the year 2017 routine maintenance programme of roads in the country.

He added, “Mr. Speaker, Engineering design studies have been conducted on the road for upgrading to bitumen surfacing and would be considered under future Department of Feeder Roads (DFR)’s periodic maintenance programme when funds are available.”

The minister was responding to a question posed by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Krachi-Nchumuru Constituency, Hon. John Majisi, on the floor of parliament last Friday.

Hon. Majisi wanted to know from the Minister of Roads and Highways, the ministry’s plans for the immediate construction of the Buafin Lakeside to Nandikrom road, which is becoming virtually unmotorable to residents.

But the minister said, most roads across the country are undergoing maintenance works, or have been awarded for rehabilitation and extension.

Work on some of the roads is progressing and by the end of the year most of them will have been completed.

He said there is relief for Krachi Nchumuru residents, as plans are far advanced by the government to improve the road network in the country.

The Roads and Highways Minister further revealed that, government has taken proactive stance to sanction contractors who do shoddy work on roads, noting that resident engineering supervisors who certified a poorly constructed road by a contractor and went ahead to issue a certificate for payment would also be punished.

“I want to assure this House that, the government has noticed some activities by contractors who engaged in shoddy works. And we have taken a strong decisions, one of them is to blacklist such contractors from the government contractors’ list,” he said.

However, Hon. Majisi told The Republic, he is very much concerned because the poor nature of the road is affecting economic activities to the residents of Buafin Lakeside and Nandikrom, as well as their adjoining communities.

He said, the 12.6km stretch road is linked to so many farming communities and its unmotorable nature causes post-harvest losses to their farm produce, and therefore wants the government to work on the road timely to save food produce.

According to him, the rainy season is worsening the situation for residents and motorists “because they cannot move from their houses.”

The MP therefore expressed the hope that, the government would honour its assurance and let the contractor move to the project site and work on the road to reduce health risks due to dust from the road.



Source: Felix Engsalige Nyaaba

The Republic News Online

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