Konkomba, Fulani War Looms At Sene

…Police boss fingered as cattle and sheep are massacred amid torching of 35 houses

A bloodbath is looming at Basari Line, near Bdinka in the Sene East District, in the Brong Ahafo Region, where Fulani settlers are on temptation to retaliate alleged marauding attack by Konkombas.

A spokesperson for the nomadic tribe, Charles Amoako, has served notice that if the police do not bring perpetrators of a 12th August attack which resulted in the torching of 35 houses, to book, the Fulanis will be constrained to take the law into their own hands.

A damage trail of the attack, which was allegedly perpetrated by intransigent Konkombas, includes the butchering of 115 cows, 67 sheep, and 240 chickens.

As women and children are left homeless by the attack, the cost count is summed up as Ghc360,000, two stolen motorbikes and Ghc3,500 stolen cash, inclusive.

According to Charles Amoako, the reason the Fulanis may be compelled to take matters into their own hands is that the commander for the police in the Sene District is in bed with the Konkombas and therefore is frustrating the course of justice.

This position is corroborated by the chief of the Basa traditional area, Nana Owusu lll, who has asked the Inspector General of Police to remove ASP Kingsley Dompreh from the town.

On the fateful day of the attack, Nana tells The Republic, the police commander had deliberately arrested and confined into police cells, a Fulani herdsman called Alhaji and that the action had been a signal to the Konkombas to go on and attack the homes of the Fulanis, who inhabit a land that he (Nana) has given them.

The whole incident is said to have been sparked by a cow, belonging to a Fulani herdsman, straying into the farm of a Konkomba man and eating up six tubers of yam.

As relations between the Konkombas and Fulanis have for a long time been sour, the Konkomba man whose yam had been eaten decided to play shylock.

In a surcharge, he demanded a whopping Ghc800 for the six yams that cost less than Ghc20. The Fulani man, whose cow had caused the problem is said to have agreed to pay the money and arranged to pay up by yesterday, Monday.

According to Nana Owusu lll, as part of efforts to amicably settle the issue, they had reported the matter to the police commander, who had invited them to Kwame Danso to thrash out matters. However, immediately the Fulani man, accompanied by Nana  himself and other tribespeople, got to the police station, the commander arrested him and threw him into cell.

“It was while Alhaji was in cells that the Konkombas went behind them and attacked their houses,” Nana said.

The attackers torched 35 thatch and wooden houses, massacred 115 cows, 67 sheep and 240 chickens. They are said to have also stolen two motorbikes and Ghc3,500 cash.

“The Police Commander is in bed with the Konkombas and so ever since the incident happened, he has used all sorts of dubious means to shield the perpetrators. Can you imagine that, so far, only four out of a large number of Konkombas who had attacked the Fulanis have been arrested?” Nana said in a phone interview.

The Republic attempted to get in touch with the police commander for his side of the story, but he never picked calls that were placed to his phone, neither did he reply text messages.

The Republic was therefore constrained to play devil’s advocate with Nana Owusu lll, the chief of the Basa traditional area.

In an interview, Nana explained that the Konkombas are not really after the Fulanis, but covet the lands of the Basa people.

Consequent to this covetousness, he said when a company called African Plantation Sustainable Development (APSD), sometime ago, acquired land from the area for projects that employed some 440 youth of the area, the Konkombas attacked them, beating some of them up and destroying their machines.

“It was election year and so the issue was dilly-dallied with, no one was arrested.”

Even as that case is still yet to be resolved, he said, police personnel suddenly went on an offensive, butchering cows of Fulanis. When he enquired, he was informed that the commander had declared a so-called “Operation Cow Ward.”

“As a chief, nobody informed me about that operation, neither the district assembly nor the police commander, even as I noticed that the operation unfairly targeted Fulanis, who have the least number of cattle here, and comparatively are also more peaceful,” Nana said in accentuated Twi.

He said the police commander’s actions have shown clearly that he favors the Konkombas over the Fulanis, serving notice that on 10th September, the traditional authority will hold a press conference to reveal more about the issue and re-echo calls for the IGP to transfer the police commander from the town.

Mr. Charles Amoah, the spokesperson for the aggrieved Fulanis, warned that as many as 562 Fulani herdsmen and their families have been rendered homeless by the attack.

He said the victims will be constrained to retaliate if the perpetrators are not brought to book.


Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Fiifi Samuels

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