Kokrobite youth leader to support police to combat crime

Nii Ayaa, the youth leader of the Kokrobite Community in the Ga South Municipality, has stressed that from now onwards he is going to sacrifice himself to team up with the police to flush out all the criminals who are hiding in the coastal areas of the Bortianor-Aanfrom constituency, especially at the Oshyie area, which has been in turmoil for a long time.

He noted that their Great Kokrobite chief, Nii Ofei III, is a leader of peace or Asomdwehene and so he abhors the activities of criminals and also supports the cause to flush out bad people in the entire area.

Nii Ayaa noted further that the riots that took place at Oshyie recently should not continue, as people are dying from rampant fights over the years at Oshyie and vulnerable people always die or get inquired any time riots occur out there.

He stated these in an interview with the media at Krokrobite a few hours after the police had wrongly arrested and released him and other innocent Kokrobite young men, when riots ensued at Oshyie, a nearby town at Kokrobite in Ga South Municipality, where the riots actually took place due to a long-standing dispute and activities of land guards at Oshyie there.

He said Nii Ofei has given the Kokrobite youths good training for which they do not misbehave and so it is their prayer that the government will take the matter up to ensure that lasting peace comes to Oshyie, for the police to also end the kind of swoop that will include innocent people as he and his people had been a victim of injustice.

Nii Ayaa emphasized that, instead of being angry with the police for wrongly arresting him and his people from Kokrobite, he is rather interested in supporting them to flush out criminals from the entire area for their residents and other settlers to be free and also retain the good name of the area which is now going bad due to bad people.

He noted that they do not recognize land guards but rather the Asafo Groups which are legitimate and are always ready to protect and work for their chiefs and people at all times.

He noted that landguards who may be hiding in towns in the catchment area are not indigenes of the area but are from other places and working for irresponsible people in the area, stressing that those gangs are not recognized by the Asafo Groups.

The Youth Leader further stressed that it is his prayer that the whole area will be peaceful so he has appealed to the Kokrobite police and the Greater Accra police to avail themselves to this anti- criminals campaign that he is spearheading to jointly win the war against enemies of progress.

He assured the security Agencies that anyone who will move from Kokrobite to Oshyie or vice versa to misbehave, he will expose such a person for the law to deal with them so he is pleading with the authorities to support him to achieve this laudable goal.

The Youth Leader averred that all the dirt in the area in terms of bad reputation should be swept out of the area because it is not a good name or thing to be happening in an area.

He said the area is beautiful and airy due to the vast beaches and lands , and called on investors to come in their numbers to invest in entertainment and other areas there as peace is being promoted in the whole area by His Royal Highness ,Nii Ofei III and his elders and the Youth among others at Kokrobite and its environs.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Kwabena Odae

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