Kokrobite chief wants poor students given priority under Free SHS 

The Chief of Kokrobite, in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ofei III, has called on the government to prioritize the needs of poor students and to prevent a situation where rich parents’ children will be favored against the poor because their parents do not have money and connections.

Speaking to the media at the coastal town, the chief noted that if the rich are favored in the process over the poor then the good intention of supporting Ghanaians to access free education would be defeated, especially if the poor are sidelined.

Nii Ofei noted that there are some students who do not have parents or sponsors and so such people should be given priority, instead of sidelining them, otherwise the good intention of helping the poor would not be achieved and the nation’s motto, which is ‘Freedom and Justice,’ would be meaningless.

He noted that the children of farmers and fishermen need a special attention, as most of them are poor and find it difficult to make ends meet, even though they feed the entire nation on daily basis.

The chief stressed that the free education is very good, but the poor who constitute a high number of those who voted for the President to win the previous elections must be supported and given priority as far as the policy is concerned.

He stressed for example that, poor children who live at the coastal areas and villages need a special attention in the implementation of the free education program more than rich people.

Nii Ofei said it is because of poverty that some parents ‘sell’ their children into slavery to Yeji and other coastal areas to engage in fishing and other menial jobs, and so if now free education has come, then all children, especially the poor, should be made to go to school to learn and to  guarantee a better future.

He noted that for the program to be successful, the government has to supervise those who are directly responsible for it, in order that the right things are done to sustain the program.

Nii Ofei noted further that people should not be allowed to put whom you know into the free education program, stressing that if you want to help someone, you don’t necessarily have to know the one before you can offer a hand to people, adding that “most of the time, it is those who you don’t know that you feel happy and fulfillment in helping than those who you know.”



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Kwabena Okae

The Republic News Online

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