Kokrobite chief sacks land guards

The Kokrobite Chief, Nii Ofei III, has with immediate effect asked the ‘stranger land guards’ who are recruited by irresponsible people from other jurisdictions to  continue cause trouble in his area to go back to where they came from for genuine persons who bought lands from the right source in the town to peacefully develop their legitimate lands.

Speaking to the media at Kokrobite in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ofei noted that for about a month now he has seen strangers in his town who are doing very dangerous land guard work by storming building sites and harassing people who had genuinely acquired lands from the Kokrobite stool for extra and illegal fees from them thereby creating tension in the town.

He said in some cases the genuine land developers are beaten and their tools seized and so if he, being an overlord of the town, does not stand on his feet to let sanity prevail then one can say that he is not in charge of the affairs of the coastal town and that will adversely affect him and his elders.

Nii Ofei therefore appealed to the government led by the able President Nana Akufo-Addo and the IGP, Mr. David Asante Apeatu, to be firm on this matter and help flush out the land guards from the entire Kokrobite area for peace to reign.

The chief noted that he is very serious about the issue because it is not land guards that are used for local protection but rather the Asafo groups which he has, adding that if the land guards continue to harass the people he will have no option but to order the Asafo people to counter and that may lead to violence which he does not like.

Nii Ofei noted that it is these same land guards who are hired to kill chiefs and other personalities so the government and IGP should kindly take the matter seriously and curtail it as early as possible before it goes out of hand.

He said the security agencies should investigate the matter and get to the surrounding bushes in the area to flush out land guards who are mostly from different towns which he and his people are ready to identify as strangers so that they are sent back to the towns which they came from by the security for peace to prevail there.

On his part, the Youth Leader, Daniel Nii Ayaa Ayi, noted that it is sad that such stranger land guards’ activities are taking place in the area noted for discipline and with a progressive chief Nii Cfei III, who promotes peace all the time.

He said the town has a recognized Asafoatse and Asafo Group that protects the chief and the town as well and so they do not need any land guards there to cause trouble.

He said it is unfair for strangers to enjoy the goodies of the town whilst the native people suffer poverty and so the government, like the chief had said, has to intervene for sanity to prevail.

He said, they want peace and that is why they are sacking the land guards from there, stressing that their forebears never worked with land guards hence their decision not to work with them too.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Kwabena Odae        

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