Kofi Adams Defends Valery Sawyerr


…Says her expressed views were not out of place.

Mr. Kofio Adams, National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, has jumped to the defense of Dr. Valery Sawyerr on her widely publicized article in the media in which she condemned the lukewarm attitude displayed by some of the leading figures of the National Democratic Congress, including party founder and former President, Flt-Lt Jerry John Rawlings, and Mr. Martin Amidu.

According to him, all the issues that were raised by the former Deputy Chief of Staff under the erstwhile John Mahama administration should be of serious concern to every Ghanaian, hence the need for a thorough discussion to find solutions to them.

“Considering the issues addressed in Dr. Valery Sawyerr’s article, some may be true and others also unsubstantiated. But the purpose of the article was to draw the attention of former President Rawlings and Martin Amidu to the challenges that the country is confronted with under the NPP administration which are worth commenting on,” he said.

Dr.  Sawyerr, in her article, entitled ‘Ntomtom or Nwansena,’ mentioned  the 5 million litres of contaminated fuel sold by the BOST to a non-registered non-licensed company, Movinpinaa Energy, under questionable circumstances, the
Minister for Finance’ issue of US$2.25 billion worth of bonds, 95% of which is purchased by Franklin Templeton Investment Limited under opaque circumstances giving rise to conflict of interest issues, of which CHRAJ has been petitioned and a pending law suit before the Supreme Court requesting clarification on whether the Attorney-General can defend the Minister for Finance in a conflict of interest matter, the   Members of the Philip Addison Committee investigating AMERI are financed by the same AMERI on an overseas trip under unethical circumstances and the missing cocaine at the port under fishy circumstances, among others, as matters that need the voices of these prominent politicians and statesmen to be addressed.

Speaking in an interview with this paper, Mr. Adams revealed that although some of the issues stated in the article are true and others unsubstantiated, Dr. Sawyerr’s move was not out of place.

He said, as a party, the NDC believes strongly in freedom of expression and entertains divergent views from its members, especially when such expressed views and opinions do not defame or tarnish the image and credibility of an individual or the party as a whole.


Source: therepublicnewsonline.com

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