Kennedy Agyapong Drinks Poison?

…As EOCO Fails To Nail Down Ibrahim Mahama

The Akufo-Addo regime’s fishing expedition on business mogul, Ibrahim Mahama, had long been coming, as it had been loudly heralded by Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s de facto mascot for that particular witch-hunt.

Mr. Agyapong, the NPP’s notorious Member of Parliament for Assin Central, had raced ahead of the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO)’s invitation to Ibrahim Mahama, prophesying that the business magnate would be picked on by the mighty arms of state machine.

While prophesying the then impending tribulation for Ibrahim Mahama, he had also made a very memorable avowal on Accra based Adom TV:

“I will take in poison and kill myself if Ibrahim Mahama is not jailed, he should watch and hear me well, I will take in poison and die if Ibrahim is not jailed…,”

It has since come to pass that Ibrahim Mahama indeed got picked up and grilled by EOCO, according to the Ken Agyapong prophecy; however, his avowal to the suicidal extreme remains unfulfilled.

EOCO, according to media reports, concluded the Ibrahim Mahama grill on the note that Ibrahim Mahama owes the state to the tune of a little over GHc12million, being customs duty incurred on some equipment that he had imported into the country.

At the end of the day, it is reported, both Mr. Mahama and EOCO were agreeable that the money is indeed due, with Ibrahim Mahama accepting to pay.

It also came to light, according to reports, that the celebrity CEO of Engineers and Planners and brother of former President Mahama had actually made attempts to pay but the payment plans at the time had hit hitches.

Simply put, therefore, Ibrahim Mahama owes the state and is willing to pay. EOCO has given him a timeframe for the payment, and there is no cause for him to be jailed for anything.

Now that the roadmap is clear, the public is wondering if Ken Agyapong will still commit suicide, since Ibrahim Mahama will not be going to jail.

In the avowal on Accra-based Adom TV, he had burnt his bridges, boasting that he will either make sure the former President’s younger brother is put behind bars or he (Ken Agyapong) will poison himself.

“I will take in poison and kill myself if Ibrahim Mahama is not jailed, he should watch and hear me well, I will take in poison and die if Ibrahim is not jailed…,” he had said.

However, a failure on the part of the loose cannon of an MP to go through with the threat to end his own life would not be the first time Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is eating back his own sputum.

Among several occasions in the past when he has threatened and later eaten humble pie include his failure to buy a private jet at age 55 after he had similarly gone highfaluting and bragged on radio to do so.

This same Ken Agyapong character is the one who sometime ago accused the owner of the Multimedia Group, mother company of Joy Fm, Kwesi Twum, of being a drug dealer with a mule in the Bronx – New York, USA, called Jones, only for him to turn round and confess that the allegation was false.

More recently, Ken Agyapong also accused the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei, of sleeping with President Mahama to get the job, only to turn round later and say that that cruel allegation was a joke.

Meanwhile, EOCO’s sudden newfound alacrity, with which it pounced on ex-President Mahama’s younger brother, immediately the Mahama regime got out of office, has left many wondering if the state investigative body is a regime puppet.

Ibrahim Mahama’s faulty transactions happened when his brother, John Mahama, was President. For some strange reason, the alleged dud checks that Ibrahim had issued to clear his taxes after buying the equipment at the time of his brother’s Presidency never triggered an invitation until after his brother went out of office.

Ghanaians are wondering why.

Of course, the impression that has been whipped up by EOCO’s newfound fastidiousness under Akufo-Addo is that, when the Mahama regime was in office, the former President’s brother was untouchable.

If that is the case, the question in the air is : “Is it because EOCO is regime sensitive that current Finance Minister, and cousin of President Akufo-Addo, Ken Ofori Atta, is still a minister even though he has sold a $2.25billion bond to a company in which his friend is a Board Member.

The Franklin Templeton dirty deal entails that the Finance Minister secretly sold the bonds to the US-based company, exclusively giving insider information to Templeton that enabled it buy 95% of the bonds at an exorbitant coupon rate of 19.75%, even as the Finance Minister’s friend, Trevor G. Trefgarne, is a Board Chairman for the minister’s company, Enterprise Group.

EOCO has not invited the minister for questioning.

Rather, EOCO has become a hounding agency selectively on the tails of members of the erstwhile Mahama regime, with former Chief Executive of COCOBOD, Stephen Opuni, having his accounts frozen while his passports have been seized by the investigative body.

In the hounding of Opuni, a psychological torture technique that had been used is said to include making him frequent the Head office EOCO everyday, while he is kept hostage with promised investigation sessions never happening.

A typical day for Opuni at EOCO, according to sources, mostly entailed his going to sit at EOCO with virtual denial of access to his lawyers, while expected interrogations sometime are either very brief or not done at all.

Similar techniques which are aimed to break the spirit, according to the sources, were used against Ibrahim Mahama.

Meanwhile, President Akufo-Addo has been doing two-timing, double-faced ostrich dance in the media. Recently, he instigated a fanciful meeting with all living former Presidents of Ghana, including President Mahama, to paint a picture of statesmanship and reconciliation.

While Akufo-Addo was giving plastic smiles to the cameras, complete with gracious handshakes with ex-President Mahama, however, his minions from EOCO were hounding and grilling Mahama’s brother.

With indications that the Akufo-Addo regime is bent on witch- hunting members of the erstwhile regime, the question has floated into the air: after Stephen Opuni and Ibrahim Mahama, who is next?

Sources within the NDC fear, that the next in line could be Kwame Awuah Darko, former Managing Director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport (BOST).




Source: Samuels

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