Ken Agyapong: We Will Lynch Soldiers

…As Capt.  Mahama’s mother loses only son to mob murder six months down the line

Denkyira Obuasi,  the scene of the ghastly lynching of late Captain Maxwell Mahama of the 5th Infantry Battalion of the Ghana Armed Forces, is in Upper Denkyira,  a stronghold of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

It is neighbourly with Assin Fosu, inclusive of the Assin Central Constituency, which is represented in Parliament by Kennedy Agyapong, the ruling  NPP’s acerbic loose cannon.

In one of numerous temper tantrums on radio, in the buildup to the 2016 elections, Ken Agyapong had made a rallying call on NPP supporters in their strongholds to lynch soldiers.

On ‘Boiling Point,’ an inflammatory political talkshow on his own radio station, Oman FM,  Ken Agyapong had, in December 2016, accused the Military High Command of pandering to a ploy by the NDC to rig the 2016 elections, declaring that the NPP would lynch the soldiers.

According to him, the military had put together a taskforce into which one Atatsi was recruiting people from the then ruling National Democratic Congress, to be made a special taskforce on elections.

“The security taskforce’ main agenda is to send six or more taskforces to NPP strongholds,  hot spots,  on election day and that day we are going to lynch them if they try.

“We have also heard that security will be snatching ballot boxes and we are telling them that we are going to lynch them if they try,” Ken Agyapong had said.

It has been almost six months since the man who is on record to have declared war in Ghana and mass murder against Gas and Ewes, declared the lynching against the soldiers and fearfully the lynching has started some six months down the line.

Capt.  Maxwell Mahama was on Monday, this week, lynched in the NPP stronghold of Denkyira Obuase, which is close to Ken Agyapong’s Assin Central Constituency.

The young man was said to be on an early morning jog when a crowd set on him and killed him in cold blood, stoning him to death and later torching his body.

After the dastardly act, an official narrative emerged that he had been mistaken for an armed robber, but the victim was said to have proved that he was a soldier before he was killed.

Amidst public uproar, it has been claimed that the late Maxwell Mahama had angered his assailants the more when he told them his name – Surname wise, he is the namesake of former President John Mahama, who is actually said to be a distant relative.

The Military High Command has since dispatched a high powered delegation to the area to investigate the murder, as tension hangs over the town.

The dastardly murder of former President Mahama’s distant relative comes at a time that Ken Agyapong, the Assin Central MP, has vowed to commit suicide if Ibrahim Mahama, a direct brother of President Mahama, is not jailed by his government.

The gutter-mouthed MP for Assin Central has sworn fair and foul to poison himself if the business mogul younger brother of former President Mahama is not jailed.

Meanwhile, President Mahama has sent his condolences to the bereaved family.

“My heart goes out to my brother, Capt.  Chubby Adam Mahama (Rtd), on the murder of his son, Capt. Maxwell Mahama.

“#RestInPeaceMaxwell,” President Mahama had tweeted from his Twitter handle yesterday.

The former President had also revealed in a second tweet that the late Maxwell was an only son of his mother.

“#And my condolences to the wife of Capt.  Maxwell Mahama,  his young children & to his mother on the loss of her only son.




Source: Fiifi Samuels

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