Jirapa MCE Faces Impeachment

The Municipal Chief Executive for Jirapa, Hon. Christine Bombanye-Amadu, has incurred a stand-up objection from members of the Assembly that she leads, as moves to impeach her from office kick-start.

Presiding Member (PM) of the Jirapa Municipal Assembly, Hon. Helen Zaato, on Tuesday, May 8th, summoned Assembly members to convocation on May 24th for a no-confidence motion to be moved against the MCE.

Hon. Bombanye-Amadu is currently battling accusation of financial malfeasance, misapplication of funds and subterfuge. She is also alleged to have abused her office.

Two weeks ago, eighteen (18) elected Members of the Assembly petitioned the Presiding Member to convoke the Assembly so that a vote of no confidence can be passed against the MCE.

In specificity, Hon. Christine Bombanye-Amadu is accused of breaching procurement laws to award contracts for the renovation and refurbishment of her official bungalow.

Allegedly, the contracts had been secretly awarded by the MCE on 29th June 2017 and then later smuggled into the Assembly’s 2018 budget which was presented to the Assembly Members on 28th of September, 2017.

The Assembly Members, who had not been told that the contracts had already been awarded, staged a walkout in protest of the contract sum which was quoted in the 2018 budget as GHC 107,934.07 for both renovation and furnishing of the bungalow.

On 21st December 2017, the MCE had addressed the Assembly and stated that the contracts for the renovation and refurbishment of her official bungalow had been fully executed and that a part payment of GHC 136,032.10 had been made with a chunk of the Assembly’s 2017 share of the Common Fund.

Hon. Bombanye-Amadu is also accused of personally taking one of the Assembly’s pick up vehicles for servicing at the cost of GHC 7,850.00. she allegedly did so at a time that the Assembly needed only GHC 2000.00 to pay a mechanic so that she could take another of the Assembly’s pick up vehicles which had been sent for repairs.

The Assembly Members are also accusing the MCE of dividing the Assembly by openly supporting and campaigning for one of two candidates contesting for election as the Presiding Member of the Assembly.

She is alleged to have gifted mobile phones to sweeten some Assembly Members, a day before the election, to influence them to vote for the candidate of her choice.

On 8th May, at the express behest of some 18 Assembly Members, the PM issued summons to Assembly Members for a meeting on the 24th to move a motion for the impeachment of the MCE.

If the motions that have been started eventually culminate into an impeachment, it would be totally anticlimactic because Hon Christine Bombanye-Amadu had breezed into office through an overwhelming confirmation. 98% of the Assembly Members had voted to approve her confirmation, the highest ever in the history of the Jirapa Municipal Assembly.

An impeachment would also see Madam Bombanye-Amadu making history as the first ever MCE to be impeached from office.

The 18 ssembly members who petitioned for her impeachment say the massive goodwill that she had ridden into office has quickly waned because she has since become corrupt, arrogant and disrespectful.

It is alleged that following the move by the PM, the MCE resorted to monkey business to save her job. A letter purported to be coming from the Jirapa Traditional Council dissociating the Council from the impeachment processes later turned out to be fake.

The letter had supposedly been written by the Acting Registrar of the Council, Mr. Albin Gobiel, but somehow it was rather signed by his father, Alpios Gobiel, whose name had been wrongly spelt in the letter.

Also, some landlords of Jirapa who thumb-printed a letter saying they did not support the impeachment of the MCE have said they were told they were thumb-printing the letter to confirm their participation in an up coming meeting with some officials from Accra.

For the impeachment to be successful, 34 of the 51 Assembly Members must vote in favor of it.

However, many observers say it is already a serious indictment on the credibility of the MCE, for more than one-third of the Assembly Members to seek to remove her from office by a vote of no confidence.

The 18 Assembly Members who petitioned for the vote say they have decisive documentary evidence to tender in support of the impeachment motion on the 24th May, 2018.



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