…As NPP activist confirms he owns the building

As promised by whistleblowers who sounded the knell on the fast mushrooming mansion being put up in Damongo by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Samuel Abu Jinapor, further and better particulars have begun emerging about the ownership of the villa.

Nonsense has been made of Mr. Jinapor’s claim that he does not own the mansion by none other than a popular activist of the deputy Chief of Staff’s own party, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Karim D. Sunkari, a youth activist with the Damongo Canteen branch of the NPP, has revealed that indeed Samuel Abu Jinapor owns the upcoming mansion, but that he is using the brother of a former DCE to front for its construction.

In an apparent response to Mr. Jinapor’s statement, urging the public to pour scorn on the allegation that he owns the two-storey semi-detached crib with a Roman style archway as gate in a fence-wall, Mr. Sunkari says Abu Jinapor has insulted the intelligence of the people of Damongo.

“He started putting up the building in March 2017. His cousin, Shakuru Kassim, the brother to the former DCE Ali Kassim, is the one supervising the said project.

“If Abu is bold, he should come to Damongo and tell us the people that he is not putting up the mansion. In fact, it is the building his cousins and boys are using to mock Hon. Albert Diwura that he doesn’t have his own house. So what is Samuel telling us? It is a shame that someone who is yet to be an MP can look into the eyes of his yet to be constituents and lie,” Mr. Sunkari wrote.

The revelation comes just a few days after the deputy Chief of Staff, whom another NPP activist, Kwame A Plus, has called a deputy ‘thief-of-staff’ over alleged thievery at the Ghana Shippers Council and the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, had denied owning the building.

In response to a last week revelation that Samuel Abu Jinapor is putting up the mansion in Damongo in the Northern Region, the deputy chief of staff, who is currently embroiled in corruption scandal, issued a statement dismissing the claim.

“My attention has been drawn to a deliberate and vile propaganda circulating on social media to the effect that, I am building a “magnificent villa” in Damongo, in the Northern Region, as part of an alleged ambition “to annex” a Parliamentary seat.

“For the records, I do not own any landed property in Damongo. Again, I am not building a “mansion” there either. These widely circulating claims, yet again, fit into the grand scheme by full-time detractors to soil my reputation. I, therefore, entreat all and sundry to completely disregard this wicked propaganda,” Mr. Jinapor’s statement had claimed.

However, Karim Sunkari, who says he feels ashamed of his NPP membership because of the barefaced lies that Abu Jinapor is telling over his ownership of the mansion, has written, saying Abu Jinapor is insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians.

According to him, Mr. Jinapor owns the building coming up near the Gonja West District Assembly.

Mr. Sunkari also reveals that the landed property is being built on a swath of land belonging to the government.

“The plot Samuel Jinapor is putting up that mansion is even a government land which the current DCE, Hon Saeed Jibril, forced to take from MOFA. I challenge journalists to go to Damongo, just behind MOFA and adjacent the building of the West Gonja District Assembly, the said mansion is seated there. We thought he is a man of principles. They accused you of thievery and corruption and the Youth of Damongo are still struggling with this and you are also here denying that you are not building a mansion in Damongo?” Mr. Sunkari wrote.

In the same write-up, Abu Jinapor’s feigned inability to fund the building was also smashed to smithereens with revelations that in less than 10 months into the Akufo-Addo government, Mr. Jinapor has suddenly become a Father Christmas in the Gonja West District, where he is said to be eyeing a Parliamentary seat.

Among others, Abu Jinapor is said to have donated a brand new pick up to the Damongo branch of the NPP and paid for people to go on pilgrimage to Mecca “from his own pockets.”

“Lawyer came and donated a brand new pick up for the party in Damongo about 4 months ago. We all liked this gesture because it is helping the party in terms of movement. Samuel has personally sponsored some projects from his pocket. All these are giving NPP some chances in Damongo.

“Some of we the Youth were even angry that Samuel Jinapor had enough money to send as many as 13 people to Mecca this year when most of our students cannot pay their school fees,” Karim Sunkari wrote.

And all the splurging is happening at a time that the NPP government is so cash-strapped that its payment of the salaries of regime appointees is in arrears for a number of months.

Abu Jinapor’s alleged Father Christmas benevolence is also happening at a time that the Akufo-Addo government is constrained to borrow to pay public sector salaries.

Kwame Asare Obeng, alias A Plus, has labeled Abu Jinapor, along with another deputy Chief of Staff, Francis Asenso-Boakye, as a deputy “thief-of-staff.’

According to A Plus, the two acted corruptly in a number of government agencies, including the Ghana Shippers Council and the Korlebu Teaching Hospital.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/ Fiifi Samuels

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