Islamic Scholars are behind the upsurge of terrorism – Scholar reveals

A famous Nigerian Islamic scholar and barrister at law, Sheikh Saleh Iddriss Bello, has taken his colleague scholars to the cleaners, saying they are problems to Islam, and the increasing terrorism facing the world today.

Addressing the media in Accra, he opined that the kind of indoctrination by some of his colleague scholars tend to mislead the youth who join terrorist groups and other militants – ISIS, Boko Haram and others, to fight others irresponsibly.

According to him, some of the opinions shared by these scholars in their writings, do not conform to the Qu’ran, and this mainly is one of the problems of increasing number of youth joining those terrorists or militant groups.

The Kano – Nigerian based scholar told the media that the disunity facing Muslims around the world was unacceptable, and he condemned the killing of innocent souls by any group, as he described the atrocities as ungodly and against the teachings of Qu’ran.

Also, Sheikh Iddriss Bello noted that lack of understanding and reading of the Qu’ran has led to some negative behaviour in the Islamic world.

He said the dictates of these scholars had nothing to do with the teachings and practice of the Holy Qu’ran and Prophet Muhammad (A.S.A).

“Their teachings and writing have deviated from the teaching the gospel, he said, adding that, their opinions have succeeded in confusing the young men and women in becoming militant groups.

By this, Sheikh Saleh Iddriss Bello stressed that these Islamic scholars contributed negative attributions to Islam across the world due to their inability to condemn the killings of innocent souls by some militant groups or individual to achieve their selfish gains.

Quoting some verses of the Holy Quran, Sheikh Iddriss Bello stated that Allah (God) fumes at those who pass ‘irresponsible’ judgment on others who are not Muslims.

He further averred that Prophet Mohammed (S.A.S) has never compelled non-Muslims to believe in Islam, but rather extend his hand of friendship for a peaceful co-existence among them all the time.




Source: A. Awuyeh  

The Republic News Online

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