Invisible Forces deployed at parliament

…During Speaker’s second swearing in as President

 Saturday’s reenactment of the swearing-in of Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Aaron Mike Oquaye, as President, following President Akufo-Addo’s hop out of the country the second time in just a week was bad curtain-call enough.

But as the whole world watched Ghana behave like a stiff-necked jobsworth, something more insulting was afoot.

Members of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s notorious goon squad, Invisible Forces, had been deployed around Parliament to take care of security.

As Prof. Oquaye see-sawed from Speaker position to Acting President the second time in a week, goons from Invisible Forces were crawling around the legislature, the law making arm of Ghana’s government.

The group on duty were said to be part of 300 Invisible Forces goons that had been camped and trained by the NPP government at the Military camp in Asustuare, Greater Accra.

Last year, there were media reports that the three South African ex-security officials that had been deported by the Mahama government after they had been smuggled into the country to train NPP goons in the buildup to the 2016 election had surfaced at Asutsuare following the NPP’s victory at the polls.

There they had trained the 300 party goons who go by the fanciful name, Invisible Forces. It is some of these trained goons that were deployed at the Flagstaff House yesterday to provide security for the swearing in of Rt. Hon. Mike Oquaye as Acting President.

Apparently, following their training, they have since been drafted into Ghana’s National Security as footmen.

Last Saturday, some members of Parliament who encountered some of these goons were said to be very unhappy about the deployment. At a time that every level headed Ghanaian is calling for the disbandment of political party goon squads, it was seen as particularly distasteful to have some of these same goons crawling around Parliament in official capacity.

Meanwhile, the repeat swearing in of Rt. Hon Prof. Mike Oquaye as Acting President after he had been sworn in a week earlier has sparked a debate as to whether this ritual of swearing in the Speaker anytime the President and the Vice President are not around is not reducing statecraft to a joke.

A week ago, when President Akufo-Addo traveled to Liberia to attend President-elect, George Weah’s investiture, Rt. Hon. Oquaye had been sworn in as Acting President because Vice President Bawumia is sick and on admission in the UK.

Last Saturday, President Akufo-Addo traveled again to Addis Ababa to attend a summit of the African Union and this once more occasioned another swearing in of the Speaker.

The repetition of the swearing in has bemused many who think it is totally unnecessary to repeat it when the Speaker has already sworn the same oath before; and especially so when President Akufo-Addo is out of the country attending the AU summit in his capacity as President.


Source: Baidoo

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