Insecurity heightens under Nana

…Asokwa NPP Chairman’s house bombed

….Karaga NPP youth on rampage

….Bole DCE’s house burgled, stew, soup, panties and towel stolen




The spate of insecurity that has characterized the rule of President Nana Akufo-Addo compounded last week, with youth of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), running amok in various parts of the country creating a dystopia of lawlessness.

In what can be described as a dog-eat-dog madness, some angry party youth are said to have detonated petrol bombs at the home of the party’s Chairman for Asokwa in the Ashanti region while supporters of the party’s Chairman in Karaga had forcibly invaded a police station to forcibly free suspects in an escalation of internal party violence.

In Bole, President Akufo-Addo’s District Chief Executive (DCE) had had her house burgled by suspected NPP youth, who are said to have stolen a leftover stew and carried away her panties and towels, among others, in what is suspected to be an attempt to bewitch her.

Last week was a tumultuous one in which the ruling party’s youth, who have since become Frankenstein monsters after they were used to perpetrate violence during the 2016 elections, raised hell under the nose of President Akufo-Addo as if Ghana was now a banana Republic.

Asokwa Chairman’s house bombed

The heady week had started on Sunday when the home of Asare Bediako, the NPP’s Constituency Chairman for Asokwa, had been attacked with petrol bombs by some unknown people suspected to be NPP hooligans.

Mr. Bediako had been out of the country when the bombs had been hurled to detonate in his house raising a fire that nearly razed down all his properties.

“I received a call from Ghana while I was away that my house was on fire and neighbours put their efforts together to control the situation.

“According to the information I received, some guys manufactured a bomb using petrol and other chemicals in a bottle and threw into my car park, unfortunately, one bus I use for party activities got burnt and the other cars were spared.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to attack my property but from the report I got back home, the situation is under control. I’m in Accra now and on my way to Kumasi for first hand information,” the Chairman had told Abusua FM.

It is interesting to note that Nana Asare Bediako is one of three people who are lacing their boots to contest the party’s Ashanti regional Chairman, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, for the Ashanti Regional Chairmanship of the party.

Karaga confusion

Then, on Tuesday night, supporters of feuding executives of the NPP in the Karaga constituency clashed, vandalizing party installation, a military van and later invading a police station.

The violence had began Monday afternoon with an attack on the Youth Employment coordinator for the district who is also the constituency youth organizer, Mohamed Baba, over the appointment of some youth into the security module of the YEA.

The party constituency executives have been sharply divided with tensions steaming since the DCE for the area, Alhassan Tabdow, took office.

The DCE, the organizer and the youth organizer have been accused by the constituency chairman and the other executives of hijacking the party in the area and taking decisions without deliberations and consultation.

Early last month, supporters of the chairman invaded the district assembly office and shut it down following allegations that the DCE is engaged in divide and rule.

Last week’s violence had been triggered by the decision of the youth organizer to handpick some youth into the security module under the agency without telling the constituency chairman, Tahiru Zakaria.

The youth organizer had refused to honour an invitation by the chairman to brief him on how those beneficiary youth were selected. The chairman is said to have demanded answers because many party youth were not part of the list.

The refusal of the organizer to meet with the chairman led to eruption of violence between supporters of the chairman and the youth organizer on Monday afternoon when the chairman went to confront the organizer for turning down his summons.

In an ensuing open brawl, members of the party had brandished offensive weapons. A motorbike belonging to the Youth Employment director had been seized and torched by the supporters of the chairman.

The police had rushed to the scene to restore calm. However, chaos had broken again in the night when some soldiers allegedly acting upon the directives of the DCE stormed the town and arrested two supporters of the chairman.

Other supporters then mobilized late that night and attacked the police station to free their colleagues.  Another free for all fight broke out again at about 3am between the feuding supporters when the two were successfully removed from the police cells.

DCE home burgled

Then, on Thursday, the official residence of the DCE for Bole, Alele Veronica Heming, was burgled by a group of suspected members of the ruling party who had carried away unconventional stuff that smirk of an attempt to bewitch her by voodoo.

The suspected criminals had broken into the house through the back window while she was at the office according to police investigators, ransacked the rooms in the house and made away with her towel, panties, bathing soap, sponge and other items.

Loaves of bread and stew prepared by the DCE had also been consumed by the thieves.

The day security at the DCE’s residence, identified as Mallam Abu, has since been arrested by the Bole police to assist in their investigations.

National insecurity

In addition to the three episodes of insecurity in the Ashanti region, other acts of insecurity had also occurred in other parts of the country. In Tamale, an attempt to impeach the Mayor, Musah Superior, stoked up tensions.

Interestingly, last week’s spate of insecurity and lawlessness saw the NPP’s National Youth Organizer, Sammy Awuku, calling on the police to deal ruthlessly with the party’s youth responsible for the lawlessness in Karaga. The invasion of a police station there to free suspects is an embarrassing replication of a similar overthrow of court proceedings in Kumasi to free suspects by other party youth.

NPP tradition of violent rhetoric

But this is the same Sammy Awuku who had urged the youth of the ruling party, when the NPP was in opposition, to forcibly jostle themselves into government appointments if the NPP was voted into power.

Mr. Awuku, who is estimated as one of the most violent people in the NPP, had been one of the people who had goaded the NPP youth into the violent behavior that has since turned them into Frankenstein monsters since the party came to power.

But the whole violent rhetoric had been led by President Akufo-Addo, who, among others, declared that the 2012 and 2016b elections were “all die be die” affairs. Since President Akufo-Addo was sworn into office, Ghana has been overrun with violence perpetrated by NPP party youth.

One month, one violent act

A cataloguing of violence under the President, on social media by some Ghanaians, shows that on average there has been an act of violence by party youth every single month.

In what has been nicknamed, “One Month, One Violent Act” the 10-month catalogue starts from December 2016. Some of the episodes have been left out for lack of space.

December 2016 –NPP supporters take over Tema Motorway toll booth.*Two NPP supporters arrested for attempting to seize toilet facilities.

January 2017 – Policeman at the Flagstaff House allegedly assaulted by invincible forces member. NPP youth lock up NHIS office in Bodi. NPP chairman arrested over illegal seizure of toll booth. Five arrested for seizing AMA tolls, assaulting collector. NPP supporters take over public toilet in Koforidua.

February 2017 – NPPs Kandahar Boys torment Tamale Teaching Hospital CEO.

March 2017 – NPP’s Delta Force attack Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator.

Invisible Forces attack school feeding caterers in Atebubu.

April 2017 – NPP Delta Force storms court set suspects free. NPPs Invisible Forces lock up Eastern Region NHIS office.

June 2017 – NPP youth clash with police in Savelugu over MCE position.

July 2017 – Unemployed NPP youth seize contractor’s equipment over jobs. NPP youth storm Ashanti MMT terminal over new director.

August 2017 – NPP Invisible Forces threaten chaos over jobs in Tema.

October 2017 – NPP youth lock up assembly office, storm police station and free suspects in Karaga. NPP Youth bomb the home of Asokwa Chairman. /Fiifi Samuels

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