Insecurity: Act Now to avoid State of Emergency– Helen Ntoso tells Prez Nana Addo

Former Volta Regional Minister, Mrs Helen Adjoa Notoso has called on President Nana Akufo Addo to as a matter of necessity act swiftly with all his security agencies to ensure that Ghanaians are safe to avoid a possible state of emergency in the ensuing threat of insecurity in the country.

According to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Krachi West, the current spate of robberies attack recorded in the last  two days should not be treated as those pocket of incidents but must be tackle with urgency to secure safety of the citizens.

There have been five separate robberies in the capital city Accra in less than 48 hours, in which a Lebanese was shot dead after he had cashed money in a Bank at Tema Metropolis.

The first was an attack at the office of Royal Motors Limited at Industrial Area on Tuesday and the second happened at the Tema Industrial Area Wednesday this week.

The Lebanese who is a cashier at a soap-manufacturing company, Delta Agro, identified as Ahmed Safiadeen, 54, was shot in the head as the robbers made away with GHS200,000.
The money was withdrawn from the bank and was to be paid as salaries to workers of the company. The suspects trailed the victim from the bank and ended up killing him.

Soon after the Tema tragic incident, it was reported that a 44-year-old woman was fatally stabbed while on her way to her home in Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.

Some staff of the Royal Motors limited received some degrees of injuries when the deadly robbers numbering about ten held them hostage and ransacked the company offices and made always thousands of Ghana cedis.

However in a brief interview with THE REPUBLIC in parliament on Thursday morning, Mrs Ntoso who is a member of Defence and Interior committee of parliament said, a government that has a minister in charge of national security coupled with an interior ministry and national security coordinator, should not bring untoward insecurity on it’s people.

She questioned the essence of paying government appointees with the tax payers money if they are unable to safeguard the interest of the citizens by providing adequate, effective and efficient security.

The Minority MP further blasted the government and said despite the president’s continue assurance to deal with the insecurity, the situation is getting worse.

She expressed worried about the apparent lack of adequate security to protect lives and properties, which has led to daylight robbery in some parts of the country as well as killing citizens and foreign nationals.

The former regional Minister said, it was time the President seize the rhetoric statements and act with authority by summoning his security agencies which includes the Minister for Defence, Minister for the Interior, National Security Minister, National Security Coordinator and the Inspector General of Police together with the Council of State for a lasting solution.
“The state of insecurity is making the country unsafe, we are not safe under this kind of insecurity. You don’t know when you will be attack, normally we know armed robbers attack at night but now they have no fear of attacking day time and they do it without fear.”

“When the Invisible and the Delta forces were attacking courts and other national institutions, the President promised us of of a safe country but as at now, if immediate steps are not taking, if the President do not summons his security agencies and the Council of State, then we may soon be under state of emergency,” the former Regional Minister stated.

She added that, looking at the sort of vehicles the the criminals are using in their expedition, the government must take immediate steps to stem it or it would reach a situations where the President would have no other better option than to declare state of emergency.

Mrs Ntoso reminded the President and his security agencies that they owed the citizens the responsibility of keeping the nation safe and secured. “We are no longer safe even in day time in our offices and on the road.”

“These criminals have their targets, they are looking for money. Those who have the money, they believed that the Ministers, we the MPs and businessmen and women, we are the venerable when it come to robbery, because they believed we politicians, including the President himself and his staff, we have the money, so we are all not safe,” she added.

Sources: Engsalige Nyaaba

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