Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Ayine Bukari, has revealed that having sex with his wife is a joy ride that totally deafens him to everything else in the world, including the phone calls of his constituents.

In a recent interaction with his people, the man served notice that he will never climb down from cloud nine to pick anybody’s phone call anytime he is ploughing into his better half.

“The Regional Coordinating Council’s doors are opened. As a servant of the people, my doors are opened. I’m prepared to serve you. Even if is midnight, if you call me, I will be ready to come out. It is only when I’m on top of my woman I cannot come out.”

Mr. Bukari had made the shocking statement while speaking at a forum on aquaculture development in his region.

According to him, he is a servant of the people whose doors are open and available day and night except when he is playing sex games with his wife.

The comment has since left many Ghanaians in shock with the sheer magnitude of its vulgarity serving as a good window into a seeming depraved mind of President Akufo-Addo’s Upper East regional Minister.

It has also been seen as an uncouth disrespect to the dignity of his wife who appears to have been commodified as a sex object by the very public dirty talk of the Upper East regional Minister.

Many expect President Akufo-Addo to relieve the man of his duties over the vulgarity.

Politically, the dirty talk dovetails other awkward sex issues surrounding NPP Ministers, including Northern regional Minister, Solomon Boar Namliit, who earlier in the year had been allegedly exposed as a skirt chaser in a damning sextortion.

Another is Gender and Social Protection Minister, Otiko Afisa Djaba, who was alleged by Northern regional Chairman of the NPP, Daniel Bugri Naabu, as a lesbian.

Interestingly, the same Otiko Djaba had been alleged to be a conspiring partner of Rockson Bukari in the alleged murder of the NPP’s Upper East regional Chairman, Adams Mahama, who had been attacked with acid in 2015.





Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Eva Asante

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