IGP petitioned over siting of controversial police station

The attention of Mr. David Asante Apeatu, the Inspector General of Police, has been drawn to the creation of a controversial police station at Langba in the Ga South District in the Greater Accra Region, on which the local people had spent a lot of money to build a lodging place for the police.

The chief of Langba, Nii Buernortey Baako I, stated this in a petition to the IGP in Accra.

Nii Baako stressed that they actually spent a lot of money on the project before they realized later that it is not for the Greater Accra Region, but the Central Region.

Nii Baako averred in the petition that before he and his people got to be aware, others also had organized themselves in the name of Central Region to renovate an uncompleted house which belongs to one of the Central Region boys and named it “Dampasi Police Station.”

Nii Baako noted that, now there is a serious confusion as the police station is situated in one town bearing two names and also confusingly serving two regions, instead of one, which should be Greater Accra.

Nii Baako stressed that Langba is under the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area in the Greater Accra Region and not the Central Region.

He further noted that the Langba police are under the command of the Kokrobite District Police Command and not the Nyanyano District.

The chief stressed in his petition that Langba falls within the Ga South Municipal Assembly and also the Langba police station falls under the Weija Divisional Command at the Toll Booth and not in the Central Region.

Nii Baako, in the petition, stressed that the people of Langba are in no way against the siting of the new police station, but they just want to put things right that they, the Langba people, are not under Kasoa or Central Region, but rather under Greater Accra.

To put things right, the Police Administration agreed to suspend the opening of the facility for the Dampasi people in the Central Region, but rather to call the two factions, that is the Langba and Dampasi people, for a peaceful border settlement to avoid violence and tension in Langba and Dampasi, which are very close towns, but to the dismay of the Langba people, who wrote the petition to IGP, some policemen in uniform are manning the said police station.


Source:therepublicnewsonline.com/ Bernard Quanson

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