A retired Superintendent of Police, SP Ganyo, has said that the recent jail spring that happened at Kwabenya, a suburb of Accra, is remotely blamable on one of Ghana Police Service’s Chief Constables.

According to the former capo, the unprofessional situation in which five armed robbery suspects remanded into prison custody by a court were crammed into the Kwabenya police cell is due to the fact that a more fortified cell at the Police Headquarters has been closed down.

The closing  down of that cell, he said, is what constrained the Kwabenya Police to host the five armed robbery suspects who are now on the run after they were sprang from the cell by armed colleagues.

On Accra based Radio Gold, Mr. Ganyo told listeners that if the cell at the Police Headquarters under the control of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had been operational, the suspects would have been held there and that the fortified nature of operations at the Headquarters would have scared the perpetrators out of the operation.

Collaborators of the five robbery suspects had stormed the Atomic Hill Police station in Kwabenya where they were being held after a court had remanded them and forcibly freed them after over powering police on duty.

In the cause of the operation a police officer, Inspector Ashilevi, had been shot dead.

SP Ganyo who refused to name the IGP in question blamed the development on that IGP’s decision to close down the CID cell at the National Headquarters which is purposed to hold hardened criminal suspects like armed robbers.

According to him, if the said IGP had not closed down the facility, there would not have been need for the five robbery suspects to be sent to the Atomic Hill Police station which comparatively is less fortified.

It is said that the deadly operation to free the five armed robbers had been carefully carried out with gang members surrounding the whole police station at the time that the suspects were being freed.

Prior to storming the yard, a member of the gang had done reconnoiter at the station, initially approaching the charge office and claiming that someone had snatched money from him, before signaling the rest of the gang.

After realizing that the police men on duty were few and that only Inspector Ashilevi was armed, the gang then stormed the station and opened fire on Inspector Ashilevi.

Following from this, the remainder of the offices had surrendered and looked on as the robbers broke the cell open and sprang their colleagues from the grip of the law.

The development has since fed into a national state of insecurity in which at least 10 Police officers and some army officers have lost their lives since Nana Akufo-Addo became President and goon squads from his party took to violent rampage.

Police frustration with the lack of safety has led to some junior ranks of the constabulary threatening to go on demonstration against the government and the senior rank Police officers.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Saul Paul

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