ICGC Starts Social Media Hype For Otabil

… As Part of Damage Control Over Capital Bank Collapse 

A media blitz that characterizes Pastor Mensah Otabil, General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), as an untouchable messiah of sorts is in the offing, as the church launches a damage control in response to a battering of his image over the collapse of Capital Bank.

In the coming days, profile pictures of ICGC members on social media platforms will host a digital flier that attacks dissent against Pastor Otabil.

The Republic has seen a copy of the flier already rotating on social media, which hosts a picture of Pastor Otabil, along with a quote that arrogantly dismisses critics of the ‘Pastorpreneur.’

“Before you talk about my pastor show me your achievements in life,” the main quote reads.

Along with this main quote is a kicker, “I stand with Dr. Mensah Otabil.”

The digital flier, which openly hero-worships Pastor Otabil, has already begun rotating on social media and is expected to be put on cars of members in the form of printouts soon, so that the propaganda can quickly catch on.

The Republic has intercepted a message apparently from the leadership of the church which encourages members of the ICGC to host the messianic pastor’s pictures on their social media timelines until the 31st of August – Pastor Otabil’s birthday.

“Dear one, would you join us show support and solidarity with our pastor and leader, Dr, Mensa Otabil, by placing his picture on your facebook timeline, whatsapp, instagram, twitter – etc (social media) as your profile pic., until his birthday, August 31.

“The grace of Almighty God is mighty on His servant, but he’s also human. Your support will encourage him and us all, as we advance the cause of Christ in Ghana, Africa and around the world. Thanks & Shalom in Christ,” the attached message reads.

The development has since invigorated suspicion that the ICGC is a personality cult with Pastor Otabil as a messianic sacred cow.

It has since also been indicative that the leadership of the church is manipulative with members whose money Dr. Otabil collected and invested in the collapsed Capital Bank under brainwash.

Pastor Otabil, earlier in the week, used the pulpit to insult critics who had taken him on over the collapse of the Capital Bank on whose Board he had served as Chairman, even though Pastor Otabil had constantly used his pulpit to criticize the erstwhile National Democratic Congress Government for incompetent leadership.

According to the Pastor Otabil, the people who had criticized him were enemies who were happy to see his downfall and that such critics looked like insults.

It is after this insult, which is seen as totally unbecoming of a man of God, that the ICGC leadership has started manipulating members into supplanting their social media timeline pictures with that of the pastor.

According to the church, God’s hand is mightily on Pastor Otabil; the same Pastor Otabil, who levied extortionate offerings from members at the 2016 version of the church’s ‘Greater Works Conference,’ enjoining members to dole out as much as Ghc21,000 as  precondition for God blessing them to become millionaires.

The collapse of the Capital Bank, which was chaired by the ICGC Founder and Life President, has since thrown up suggestions that he invested the extortionate offerings from members into private businesses, including the Capital Bank.

Otabil and Associates, his personal company, and the ICGC both had shares in the collapsed bank.



Source: therepublicnewsonline.com/Stan Adotey

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