I won’t deny anyone his promotion – IGP

The Inspector General of Police, Mr David Asante-Apeatu, has declared that under his leadership as IGP, no officer will be denied his due, with regard to promotions within the Ghana Police Service. The issue of promotions have been a major problem for IGPs over the years.

Mr Asante-Apeatu made this declaration at the opening of a two-day workshop geared at enhancing key personnel within the Ghana Police Service to familiarise them with the scrum methodology that will lead his transformation agenda to usher the Ghana Police Service into a world-class status.

Basing his declaration on the recent promotion of officers to the rank of Commissioners of Police (COPs) and Deputy Commissioners of Police ( DCOPs), the IGP noted that government, in its stake to ensure fairness in all its activities has resolved to correct stagnation on rank, which he claimed has demoralised officers in the past.

“The current promotion is the evidence of the government and police administrations’ effort to ensure officers are adequately rewarded and motivated to give off their best,” he charged.

The IGP opined that he is convinced that all newly promoted officers will demonstrate further commitment and dedication to duty and serve the people of Ghana in the best way expected.

On the importance of the workshop, the IGP detailed that the scrum methodology will create agile minds and leaders for the Ghana Police Transformation Programme to succeed.

“The Ghana Police Service wants to be the first public sector organisation in Ghana to lead the way in a transformation-hungry country by applying the latest and popularly used methodology by world-class organisations like KLM, FBI, Metropolitan Police and Google,” he added.

According to him, transformations are being perceived to be a critical driver of organisational success, as well as an essential factor in creating an organisational competitive advantage.

He noted that similar challenges are encountered by public sector agencies in the world, and they, too, are reaching for organisational transformation to define the way forward.

The IGP opined that organisational leaders, by virtue of their influence in the organisation, are in a good position to play a role in ensuring that the transformation agenda becomes successful, adding that there is empirical evidence that the role leaders play in ensuring successful transformations cannot be overemphasised.

Mr Asante-Apeatu seized the opportunity to allay the fears of pessimists to look at the end goal of the scrum methodology: that is, making the vision of the Ghana Police Service a world-class institution capable of delivering planned, democratic, protective and peaceful services up to the standard of international best practice, and stop being scared of the volume of both financial and material resources required.

He appealed to the course participants to be very attentive and learn all they need to learn in order to make them good maiden scrum practitioners in the Ghana Police Service.

Mr Nana B. Abban, a consultant on the project and Chief Executive Officer of Akaditi, noted that the Ghana Police Service is the first police organisation in the world to be doing a complete transformation in IT and in other schedules.

He also reiterated that scrum and agile are transforming organisations around the globe. Mr Abban urged the participants to take full advantage of the programme since it will impact their lives as well.



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